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Vision Zero

At least 236 people were killed in car crashes in 2019. More than half were walking.

Car crashes are the fourth leading cause of premature death in the county.

Colorful ‘halos’ memorialize victims of LA’s deadly traffic crashes

The rainbow discs refract overhead sunlight, creating halos on the sidewalk. "We hope the Rainbow Halo project inspires people to join us in advocating for... slower speeds and safer behavior," the mother of one victim says.

LA will create permanent memorials for bicyclists killed in crashes

"Hopefully people can look at these and have a moment of reflection to think about this person who’s not here anymore."

Mayor says road diets are ‘absolutely necessary’ in communities that want them

Lane reconfiguration projects, or road diets, have become one of the more controversial aspects of LA’s Vision Zero efforts.

At least 240 people killed in LA traffic collisions in 2018

City leaders aim for zero deaths by 2025.

After deadly hit-and-run, Los Feliz sounds alarm about dangerous street

The neighborhood council warned the street was dangerous two years before the fatal crash.

23 deadliest streets targeted for safety improvements

These streets and intersections are where safety improvements—from "road diets" to new crosswalks—will be prioritized.

Garcetti backpedals, proposes more modest increase in Vision Zero funding

The mayor announced $91M for the program earlier this week—but now he says it’ll be less.

As friends, family mourn cyclist killed by speeding driver in South LA, deaths rack up

In less than a week, three more people have died in hit-and-runs.

LA taps the brakes on Temple Street road diet

It’ll make less dramatic changes to try make the street—one of the city’s most dangerous—safer.

‘Road diet’ reversal: Traffic lanes will be restored to two Playa del Rey roads

The lanes had been removed to make the streets safer for walkers and bicyclists, but angry drivers complained the changes were snarling traffic.

‘I’m not a cyclist’: A Q&A with the former head of LA’s Bicycling Coalition

Tamika Butler worked to make biking better for everyone by reminding drivers that people on bikes are just that—people.

Councilmember Cedillo outlines pedestrian safety plan but wants to ban road diets

Adding scramble crosswalks and giving pedestrians more time to cross the street are among the improvements.

LA will fund Vision Zero after all

Some councilmembers didn’t want to fully fund the plan to stop traffic deaths, because they wanted more money for repaving roads.

Why do city leaders want to keep LA’s streets dangerous?

If traffic deaths continue to increase at the same rate in 2017 as they did last year, more people in LA will be killed by cars than by gun violence.

Traffic deaths in LA soared last year

And the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better. So far this year, the number of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers killed is up 22 percent.

Pedestrian-friendly improvements coming to Spring and Main Streets in Downtown LA

Part of the city’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025, the project will add bike lanes and new crosswalks to the two busy streets.

How LA plans to make its streets less deadly

More than 250 people died on LA streets last year, so the city is changing its approach, including focusing in on 40 deadly corridors and targeting speeding everywhere