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US Bank Tower Slide

How safe would you be on Skyslide during an earthquake?

The structural engineer whose firm built the glass slide on the US Bank Tower's 70th floor explains how it only seems unsafe, but is actually a pretty solid place to be in an earthquake. "We tested the pants off of absolutely everything," he says.

Woman who broke her ankle on Skyslide is suing

A woman who fractured her ankle while riding the new Skyslide at US Bank Tower is suing the owner of the building and the operator of the attraction. The lawsuit claims riders can easily get their feet snagged coming out of the slide.

We worked up the guts to ride DTLA’s terrifying 'Skyslide'

The new glass slide is affixed to the side to the 70th story of the US Bank Tower. That's nearly 1,000 feet from the ground.

See the US Bank Tower's Terrifying Glass Slide

The glass Skyslide has just been installed outside the 69th floor at the tallest tower in the West. The attraction will open in June, along with an observation deck with 360-degree views. Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of the installation process.

See New Glass Slide Lifted to Top of US Bank Tower

A helicopter hoisted the terrifying new glass slide attraction to the 69th floor of the US Bank tower, where it will become part of a redesigned lookout area for what is (for now) the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

69th-Story Outdoor Slide Could Have Been Scarier

Don't worry, this thing was built to handle an 8.0 earthquake.

LA's Tallest Tower to Have Glass Slide 1k Feet Up

The US Bank Tower will have a clear slide stuck to the side of the 69th floor as part of its touristy renovations.