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Urban Ruins

What really happened at Rustic Canyon’s rumored Nazi ranch?

Rumors abound about the Murphy Ranch ruins. This is the true history.

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LA’s strange and wonderful lost amusement parks

Once upon a time, Los Angeles was home to dozens of freewheeling amusement parks, including an alligator farm.

Will the ruins of San Pedro’s Sunken City finally open to the public?

City Councilmember Joe Buscaino says he’s working to make it happen.

Why does LA have a mall based on the Babylon set from a 1916 epic?

Science fiction author Ray Bradbury says it was his idea.

Abandoned West Adams hospital will be transformed into art gallery

An abandoned West Adams hospital is getting a new lease on life as an art space. For the next two months, it will be filled with art and open to the public for an exhibit titled "Human Condition."

The First/Broadway Park site has a wild, unusual history

The lot formerly occupied by a famous feral cat colony has connections to two bombings and two homeless activist experiments, including one that involved a 5,000-foot circus tent. The next phase in the property's history: becoming a stylish park.

5 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in LA

Saturday is National Trails Day, which is probably a made-up thing, but who cares because it's an excuse to get outside. We've got some ideas on how to make the most of the excuse to explore LA's (not so) wilds.

The Los Feliz Murder House Before It Was Cleaned Up

After 55 years of neglect, the infamous Los Feliz Murder House came up for sale last month with listing photos showing it all tidied up. But photographer Alexis Vaughn visited in January to capture decades of belongings and wear.

Into the depths of LA's old Red Car subway terminal

A tour of the lobby and two underground floors of the 1926 Subway Terminal Building as they prepare for retail redevelopment.

Creepy Abandoned Hawthorne Mall Could Be Razed for an Upscale Outdoor Mall

1930s Nazi Compound in Rustic Canyon is Being Torn Down

Mapping the Historic Routes and Few Remains of Los Angeles's Massive Streetcar System

See a Crumbling Old West Adams Mansion Turned Into a Giant Street Art Canvas

Griffith's Old Zoo Could Get a Permanent Performance Space

Here's Sixth Street's 1920s Courtyard, Uncovered For The First Time In Decades

How LAX is Slowly Turning Manchester Square Into a Ghost Town

All About the Lost 1904 Funicular of Catalina Island

CBS Sponsored Post Suggests You Take a Mercedes to Rustic Canyon's Nazi Ruins

Meet the Lost Mount Washington Railway, Closed in 1919

LA Evicting Homeless and Feral Cats to Build Civic Center Park

Explainer: What's Up With the Swastika Pond of Pasadena?

A Guide to the Lesser-Known Modernist Ruins of Barnsdall Park

6 Relics From a Mid-Century Woodland Hills Fallout Shelter

Burnt Christopher Dorner Cabin Has Become Tourist Attraction

Restoration Underway For Griffith Park's 1920s-Era Fern Dell Tourist Attraction

Work Starts on Hilton and Marriott at Redondo Mini-Golf Site