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LA Transportation

Metro halfway done building subway to Beverly Hills

The first four miles of the Purple Line extension to the Westside are "on track" to open in 2023.

The northern half of the Blue Line will shut down Saturday, affecting 30,000 daily riders

During the shutdown, 7th Street/Metro Center will also be closed to Expo Line riders for 60 days.

Everything you need to know about riding scooters and bikes in LA

More e-bikes and scooters are on LA streets. Here’s how to ride them.

Super helpful Twitter account now shows traffic, security line wait times at LAX

Just in time for the holiday weekend.

Metro will scale back rail service, making for longer wait times

But the agency says the changes will make service more reliable.

Is Metro ridership down because low-income passengers are leaving LA?

Low-income passengers, who make up the majority of riders, might not be able to afford to live in areas well-served by trains and buses.

In 1974, buses painted like submarines took kids to LA beaches

The "Street Fleet" lasted for one sweet summer.

Los Angeles gets $19M for LA river bike path

State grants will help complete a path along all 51 miles of the LA River.

LA Councilmember David Ryu says Rowena road diet should stay

Not only that—he’s proposing protected bike lanes on the Silver Lake street.

Metro had aimed to install a bus-only lane this year—but will it actually happen?

The mayor has joked that bus-only lanes in Los Angeles are only "slightly less controversial than congestion pricing."

Walking is LA’s future—but the city keeps designing streets for cars

It’s the only way to climate-proof Los Angeles streets.

Feeling nostalgic? New Metro swag features vintage ’80s logo

Legendary graphic designer Saul Bass was responsible for the old logo that once adorned LA’s buses.

Uber and Lyft drivers strike at LAX: ‘We’re being paid starving wages’

Drivers in Los Angeles are calling for a $28 hourly rate.

Five years after Sepulveda Pass widening, travel times on the 405 keep getting worse

Some rush-hour commutes are taking 50 percent longer.

Watch the only extant footage of Union Station’s 1939 opening

Incredibly, color footage of the fanfare still exists.

LA wants Waze to stop sending drivers down small side streets

The city is trying to control cut-through traffic on residential streets.

Mayor’s Green New Deal calls on Angelenos to drive 6 fewer miles every day

But will even that be enough?

Metro keeps door open for light rail, subway on Vermont Avenue

A bus rapid transit line is planned for the busy corridor. But would a train make more sense?

New report analyzes how SB 50 would impact LA. Here are 5 takeaways

An estimated 43 percent of land citywide could qualify for the bill’s density incentives.

City says speeding driver, wet road caused fatal Los Feliz hit-and-run—not ‘unsafe road’

It’s recommending changes anyway.

Metro leaders eye high-speed rail money for LA transit projects

Metro directors say spending bullet train money in LA would be "more cost effective"

Metro gets federal ‘guarantee’ for key funding for Purple Line extension to Westside

But it’s still waiting on the $1.3 billion.

LA takes a stand against SB 50

The decision was unanimous—and it had more to do with housing affordability than density.

Scooter rider killed by driver in Hollywood

Police have arrested the driver on suspicion of murder.

LA transportation department recommends leaving Rowena road diet intact

Safety advocates worried the project could be undone.

LA expands DASH bus system with new routes, weekend service

The city’s bus network is growing.

New map shows which LA neighborhoods might be impacted by California transit density bill

"It’s likely in some of these neighborhoods to be a slow increase in density," researcher says.

LAX expansion plan calls for entirely new airport terminal

Plus another concourse and an extra stop on the future people mover.

Metro prepares to upgrade the Valley’s popular Orange Line bus route

The changes could mean slightly longer wait times for drivers—but shorter travel times for bus riders.

Lyft announces plan to invest in mayor’s emergency homeless shelters

It’s part of a larger investment, with some of the money going toward hubs for drivers.

Mayor says road diets are ‘absolutely necessary’ in communities that want them

Lane reconfiguration projects, or road diets, have become one of the more controversial aspects of LA’s Vision Zero efforts.

Tolling drivers could reduce Westside rush hour travel times by 24 percent

A new study looks at charging drivers $4 in West LA and Santa Monica.

At least 240 people killed in LA traffic collisions in 2018

City leaders aim for zero deaths by 2025.

Here’s how to report scooters that block LA sidewalks

Companies will have two hours to pick them up.

Here are the street closures for the LA Marathon

Getting around the city could be a challenge Sunday morning.

Metro projects huge ridership for West Hollywood train

A northern extension of the Crenshaw Line could draw more riders than Boston’s Green Line—but will it take three decades to build?

Santa Monica scooter rider killed in hit-and-run

It’s one of the first fatal electric scooter crashes in Southern California.

February was the biggest month ever for pothole repair requests in LA

Want a pothole filled? Report it to 311.

After deadly hit-and-run, Los Feliz sounds alarm about dangerous street

The neighborhood council warned the street was dangerous two years before the fatal crash.