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LA Transportation

Should LA close streets to cars to give walkers more room?

Oakland and Minneapolis have done it. Now the idea is gaining traction on the Westside.

LA’s new light rail line won’t open until 2021

Here’s what to know about the Crenshaw/LAX Line, which will eventually travel between South LA and the South Bay.

With empty streets, Beverly Hills looks to speed up Westside subway construction

The city is closing a stretch of Wilshire Boulevard and ramping up construction.

Projecting $700M in losses, Metro asks federal government for help

That’s a "massive hit" that could jeopardize the transit agency’s future plans.

How to get around LA safely during the coronavirus outbreak

Metro remains open, despite a 50 percent drop in ridership over the last few week.

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Metro’s Regional Connector is bringing new subway stations to Downtown LA

Here’s a guide to a very un-flashy transit project that will have a big impact.

Where did all the scooters go?

Whether it’s the winter weather or LA’s tight regulations, companies are scaling back.

To expand transit options before 2028 Olympics, Metro moves to build train to Whittier

It’s one of 28 projects Metro wants to finish before the Olympic Games.

How fast can LA make its trains to Santa Monica?

At intersections, drivers might have to wait a bit longer to give priority to trains.

Downtown’s Broadway poised to be first LA street to ban cars

A 1.5-mile stretch would be open to pedestrians, bikes, scooters, and buses—but not private vehicles.

A guide to the (future) subway to the Westside

The Purple Line is now the D Line, and it’s getting seven new stations.

LA mayor signs order to address climate crisis—and get people driving less

With clear deadlines for faster buses, traffic signals that prioritize trains over cars, and weekly open streets events closed to vehicles.

Make the Oscars street closures permanent

Oscar Sunday is the best example of how residents already adjust to car-free Hollywood Boulevard.

California Senate deals final blow to density bill SB 50

The legislation returned for reconsideration today, and failed to pass.

A guide to the subway formerly known as the Red Line

Now called the B Line, it reaches some of the most iconic landmarks in Los Angeles.

7 Los Angeles streets that should go car-free

If San Francisco can do Market Street—why can’t Los Angeles do Hollywood Boulevard?

LA is encouraging developers to put denser housing near transit. Here’s how.

It’s like a mini Senate Bill 50, and in less than three years, the program has spurred plans for 20,000 new apartments.

How bad are your Uber, Lyft trips for the environment?

A new report finds they produce a disproportionate amount of greenhouse gas emissions in California.

Shorter wait times? Faster trips? Metro has a plan to get more Angelenos onto buses.

One goal is to make public transportation more competitive with driving.

New letter names unveiled for all Los Angeles train lines

Each line in the system gets a letter name, similar to New York City.

At least 236 people were killed in car crashes in 2019. More than half were walking.

Car crashes are the fourth leading cause of premature death in the county.

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How to ride public transit in LA

If you’re new to using the subway, bus, or train in Los Angeles, these tips are for you.

Big changes are in store for Metro’s Gold Line

Here’s everything you need to know about the train’s future—and how to ride now.

The best ways to get to, from LAX

Avoid LAX-it with additional FlyAway service this holiday travel season.

Governor signs off on fast-tracking plans for Inglewood Clippers arena

But the plan to reduce traffic doesn’t go far enough, experts say.

Did a conspiracy really destroy LA’s huge streetcar system?

It’s long been suggested that the city’s old transit network fell victim to a conspiracy by automakers to create more demand for cars.

Would free Metro fares get cars off the road in LA?

The head of LA’s countywide transit agency has proposed tolling drivers in order to pay for free rides on trains and buses—as soon as 2028.

‘I would ride it a lot more if it was faster’: LA train ridership keeps getting worse

Some lines are carrying fewer riders than they have in years.

Metro to spend $27M studying 405 toll lanes through Sepulveda Pass

Could tolling drivers speed up travel times?

Here’s how LA’s transit network changed over the last decade

New rail and rapid bus projects—including the Expo Line.

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These old photos show the evolution of transportation in LA

The city was once a public transportation wonderland.

Will LA eliminate bars on bus benches designed to deter homeless?

"I find [the bars] to be offensive and not accommodating to riders," City Councilmember says.

Metro unveils new subway car design—with benches

Bench seating makes it easier to clean train cars, and that’s likely to please riders who complain about spills, bugs, and trash.

Bop around Griffith Park for free on new weekend shuttle

More than a dozen stops throughout the park, starting December 7.

Activists stage takeover of Metro station to demand a better rider experience

A Silver Line station under the 110 freeway is temporarily transformed to add more trees, lights, and staff.

The real problem with LAX-it? The airport is still too reliant on cars.

Long waits will only get shorter when the airport truly prioritizes shared transportation options.

Snoop Dogg to host Saturday’s reopening celebration of the Blue Line, ahem, A Line

New name, (slightly) faster train.

CoMotion LA’s annual conference brings a heavy-hitting lineup to DTLA

Hear from Curbed urbanism editor Alissa Walker, Mayor Eric Garcetti, and more during the third annual urbanism conference.

4 developers competing to build at Little Tokyo subway station

Metro plans to pick one developer by early next year.