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The Bloc

Alamo Drafthouse now slated to open in DTLA by mid-2019

Nearly a dozen screens and a bar.

Alamo Drafthouse will open at The Bloc in 2018

The long-awaited movie theater was originally scheduled to open two years ago, but now appears to be back on track.

Downtown LA’s The Bloc is still less than half leased

Construction delays have stalled the arrival of some new tenants, while others potential vendors have simply moved on.

Check Out New Airy, Open Look of 'The Bloc' in DTLA

The Bloc is an open-air reboot of the Macy's retail hub that was famous for being almost hermetically sealed off from the surrounding streets and sidewalks. Now it's on its way to becoming a hip hang-out spot.

DTLA's open-air mall ‘The Bloc’ opening this week

The Macy's plaza is totally transformed into a cool outdoor space that will house the hip Alama Drafthouse cinema. It's all thanks to a $160-million transformation that included ripping off the plaza's roof.

Tour the Bloc's Under-Construction Metro Portal

The portal at the Bloc will let people cross seamlessly into the train statin across the street without having to get onto street level and wait to cross the street.

The New, Open-Air Bloc Courtyard Set to Open Soon

The Bloc has come a long way since the Macy's fortress days. Once bricky and unwelcoming, it's now a big open courtyard that's going to host occasional outdoor events—"DTLA's new living room!"

Tail O' the Pup Hot Dog Stand Returns in May

The iconic hot dog-shaped hot dog stand will reopen in a couple months, two blocks from its original location on La Cienega.

Cruise Through the Future Seventh Street Pedestrian Tunnel in DTLA's Financial District

Tail O' the Pup Hot Dog Stand Will Return to La Cienega and Get a Replica Downtown

See the Refreshingly Open Transformation Happening at Downtown LA's Macy's Fortress

The Roof is Off at DTLA's Macy's Fortress and it is Glorious

Inside Downtown's Macy's Fortress as the Roof is Ripped Off