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Spec Houses

Megamansion developer Mohamed Hadid in trouble with building officials again

The city has halted work at Hadid’s latest mansion.

Listed at $250M, Bel Air behemoth sells for $94M

It was once America’s priciest listing.

Mohamed Hadid starts demolishing Bel Air spec mansion

Parts of the home were never permitted—and the courts have ordered that some of it must come down.

Mansion with actual shark ‘pond’ just won spec houses

The "shark house" features an open tank filled with stingrays and sharks.

Bel Air residents demand that Mohamed Hadid demolish megamansion

Neighbors say they live "in constant fear of the hillside collapsing."

Bel Air open house featuring runway models, ‘artisan sushi’ is busted up by cops

"We had runway models serving champagne and artisan sushi... To be shut down... was frustrating."

Bel Air spec house gets a $62M price chop

It’s no longer the nation’s most expensive house—that would be The Manor, in Holmby Hills.

The nation's most expensive home is now for sale in Los Angeles

Featuring a long list of amenities that includes a bowling alley, a wall of candy dispensers, and decorative helicopter, this megamansion could break records if it sells anywhere close to asking price.

Luxury real estate firm that owns storied Owlwood Estate accused by SEC of ‘massive’ Ponzi scheme

The SEC has ordered the firm to freeze its assets and halt business operations.

Has more illegal work been going on at Mohamed Hadid’s infamous Bel Air megamansion?

Neighbors spotted new electrical fixtures and woodwork in the mansion, which had its permits revoked years ago.

For $30M, three sites above the Sunset Strip are shopped as ‘spec developer’s dream’

The homes are in a prime location for courting spec developers.

Mohamed Hadid ordered to do community service, pay fines for unpermitted Bel Air megamansion

Hadid—the father of models Gigi and Bella Hadid and a veteran developer of massive spec homes—got in trouble a couple of years ago for building code violations.

Are Beyoncé and Jay Z finally buying a house in LA?

This would be the third time the couple has tried to buy a home in Los Angeles.

Runyon Canyon’s notorious pink mansion hits the market

The never-occupied home is being marketed to spec developers as a teardown. Asking price: $15.9 million.

Malibu’s most expensive listing is an $80M spec mansion

The property includes an 11,000-square-foot main house, a two-bedroom guest house, and an infinity pool, but it’s still under construction.

This $25M Bel Air spec house boasts $6,000 toilets and a $60K bathtub

A developer paid $3 million for the land, then built this extravagant house with a 60-foot limestone pool and luxe bathrooms.

$100M Beverly Hills spec house comes with exotic cars, stocked champagne vault

The latest from prolific spec developer Nile Niami

Unbuilt Bel Air Palace Will Be Asking For $100M

It hasn't been built even a little yet, but once it's done, this Bel Air residence is "expected to fetch a sales price of more than $100 million." It'll come with a glass elevator, elaborate spa, and a master suite the size of a regular house.

It's Another Ridiculous Spec House Asking $150M

Los Angeles has no shortage of ultra-high-end houses built on spec, but it would be pretty sad if no one batted a lash at this undoubtedly over-the-top Holmby Hills estate and its crazy-high asking price.

Builder Mohamed Hadid Could Go to Prison Over Bel Air's Most Illegal Megamansion

Unbuilt Beverly Crest Spec House Will Cost $45 Million, Have $12k Coffee Maker

Developer: This $500-Million Bel Air Spec House Is Actually a Really Good Deal

A Megamansion Builder Explains: Why Would You Need 4 Pools?

Questionably Legal Bev Hills Megamansion Flipping For $42M

Gorgeous Mid-Century Modern at the Top of Beverly Hills Selling as a Teardown For $24M

Calvin Klein Drops $25 Million on Bananas Mansion in the Hills

The Most Illegal Megamansion in Bel Air Really Has to Tear Down Illegal Parts Now

The New Biggest Mansion in Los Angeles Will Ask $500 Million

Mohamed Hadid Will Not Stop Building the Most Illegal Megamansion in Bel Air

Eight Batshit Things That Lure Rich People to Megamansions

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Obviously Winning the Bidding War For This Bonkers $85-Million Bev Hills Mansion

Diddy's New $39-Million Mansion Has an Underwater Tunnel

$85-Million House in Bev Hills is the Most Bonkers Place Ever

Glassy Holmby Hills Spec House is Most Expensive at $45 Million

The Biggest House in Los Angeles is Now Underway in Bel Air

Holmby Hills Megamansion Has a Basement Operating Room

Spec Megamansion King Goes Modern in Bel Air, Asking $45MM

Monster Spec House That Started Bev Hills Beef Asking $36MM

12 Horrifying Quotes From LA's Spec Megamansion Boom