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Mapping Scientology’s impressive LA real estate empire

Here are 16 prized buildings.

What are Scientologists doing with their new Hollywood film studio?

The Church of Scientology keeps scooping up properties, and recently it opened a state-of-the-art media production studio on Sunset. An office on the property allegedly "includes the threshold LRH first crossed to start his cinematic work."

Anti-Scientology Billboard Begs Kids to Call Home

An LA couple has put up a new ad on Glendale Boulevard in Echo Park in hopes of contacting their children, who they say have dropped out of communication with non-Scientologists. Not surprisingly, the church isn't too happy with the sign.

Church of Scientology Wants to Put Up Another Giant Glowing Sign in Los Feliz

Plans Revealed For New Los Feliz Home of Silverlake Conservatory of Music

Tom Cruise Selling His Place in the Hollywood Hills For $13MM

An Introduction to the Long History of Los Angeles Cults

Long-Time Home of Scientology's First Dog Asking $2.5 Million

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Mapping 18 of the Landmark Signs That Define Los Angeles

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