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Robert Silverstein

Appeals court: Environmental analysis for Hollywood skyscrapers is ‘fatally defective’

The developer says it remains committed to the project, which would rise next to Capitol Records.

Target has the city permit it needs to resume construction at Sunset and Western

But an opening date is still TBD.

Developer ‘completely shocked’ by county’s plan to seize property via eminent domain

It has hired Silverstein Law Firm—best known for blocking construction on the East Hollywood Target—to fight the county’s plan.

Future of Hollywood Target still uncertain after latest court ruling

The Los Angeles Times reports that the courts have once again sided with neighborhood groups fighting the building’s height.

Council committee rejects appeals from opponents of Downtown’s clock-blocking tower

Some Historic Core residents say it would overshadow the Eastern Columbia Building and its iconic clock tower.

After evicting all of its tenants, Hollywood tower slowly comes back to life

Sunset Gordon, a fully built Hollywood apartment tower, was forced to evicts dozens of residents last fall after a court determined it had violated its building permits by demolishing a 1920s-era Old Spaghetti Factory.

Opponents of clock-blocking tower hire anti-density attorney Robert Silverstein

The Pasadena attorney is representing a group of Downtown LA residents in their appeal of the Alexan, a residential tower with 27 stories that would be built on a parking lot at the corner of 9th and Hill, right next to the Eastern Columbia Lofts.

Anti-Density Lawyer May Have Just Forced 40 People Out of Their New Homes in Hollywood's Sunset/Gordon

NIMBYs Win Battle Against Transit-Friendly Hollywood Growth

Leaked Settlement Shows How NIMBYs "Greenmail" Developers