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Richard Landry

Megamansion developer drops $50M on 24 acres in Malibu

Developer Scott Gillen plans to build a gated community on the site—and has brought Richard Landry on to help with the design.

Megamansion architect Richard Landry gets go-ahead for ‘misunderstood’ Beverly Hills house

Plans show the 16,000-square-foot mansion will have a cobblestone motor court, a pool and cabana, and a four-car garage—relatively modest for Landry, whose clients typically prefer ostentatious living spaces.

Megamansion architect uses slavery as defense of megamansions

Richard Landry, the LA-based architect who builds over-the-top houses with absurd amenities, is the subject of a new profile, wherein he talks cluelessly about income inequality.

Megamansion architect Richard Landry's condo in tony Century City tower is up for grabs

The 30th-floor condo has its own private waiting area for the building's elevator and remote-controlled window shades. It measures a mere 2,280 square feet, which is downright puny by Landry's standards.

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