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Los Angeles Rent Control

You can now buy a piece of Echo Park for $100

Nico isn’t revolutionizing landownership, but maybe it can do a little good.

Can’t make rent? Here’s what to do.

First, let your landlord know.

Can your landlord raise your rent right now?

If you live in a rent-controlled apartment, the answer is no.

The California law renters want repealed, explained

The law "has kept cities like Los Angeles from protecting our tenants for too long."

City leaders say they can’t stop all LA landlords from raising your rent

The Los Angeles City Council rejects a proposal to freeze rents at all buildings.

‘I’m terrified’: Tenants are making tough decisions about paying rent

And they’re finding little comfort in measures designed to help them.

‘We’re not going to be able to pay the rent’

LA told landlords not to evict tenants. Nearly 200 local groups say that’s not enough.

Stopping foreclosures, protecting renters—LA braces for economic fallout from coronavirus

"You will not lose your housing during this crisis because you can’t make the rent," says Mayor Eric Garcetti.

1,659 rent-controlled apartments were under threat in 2019

"The numbers are astonishing, but they still don’t give the full picture," says a tenant advocate.

Rent control will appear on California’s November ballot

Among the choices California voters will make at the ballot box this year: Should the state rollback restrictions that curb rent control?

LA rents are sky-high, but growing more slowly now

Rents are growing fastest in the Valley and Southeast LA, says CoStar analyst.

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Rent control in LA, explained

Here’s how the local laws work.

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11 Los Angeles renters’ rights everyone should know

Expert advice on how to deal with slow repairs and weird move-out notices.

Here’s how California’s new rent control law works

It’s designed to guard tenants against the most "egregious" rent hikes.

‘You’re just showing us what we’re not gonna live in’

Rent-controlled apartments in Hyde Park will be razed to make way for a sprawling new complex—and tenants aren’t getting answers about what will happen to them.

Block-sized Koreatown development dodges appeal, concerns about displacement dismissed 

Rent-controlled apartments will be demolished to make way for the new complex.

Are you paying too much for rent, even in a rent-controlled apartment?

A new report from UCLA says it’s time to rethink how much landlords can hike rents.

LA looks to buy rent-controlled buildings at risk of demolition

"We need to come up with solutions to keep our fellow Angelenos in their homes and stop the flow into homelessness," says councilmember.

When this Echo Park bungalow court vanishes, so does the $878 rent

Should the city intervene?

Landlord increase your rent? The city of LA will help pay it.

The program is temporary and open to qualifying renters.

City of Los Angeles bans ‘no fault’ evictions

It’s an emergency stop-gap measure that city leaders say is designed to protect renters from "greedy" landlords.

Will Burbank be the next LA city to adopt rent control?

City leaders are exploring a temporary ordinance. But tenants say they want permanent regulations.

To help renters, LA moving to ban ‘no fault’ evictions

"We simply can’t allow massive rent increases and unjust evictions to happen anymore," councilmember says.

Is the city winding up to regulate tenancy in common?

Tenancy in common is a new path to homeownership in LA.

Westlake apartments where tenants launched rent strike sell for $48.3M

Facing a new round of rent increases, tenants are trying to figure out how Assembly Bill 1482 might help them—if it becomes law.

California Assembly passes statewide rent control bill—governor will sign

The bill will cap rent hikes at 5 percent, plus inflation.

LA County moving toward permanent rent control

The amount landlords could charge every year would change based on inflation—but never exceed 8 percent.

Governor strengthens bill for statewide rent control

AB 1482 now has support from Senate and Assembly leadership, but "tenant bills are hard, and it’s still an uphill battle."

California rent control bill could impact 1.2 million LA homes

Assembly Bill 1482 would cap rent hikes at buildings that are not already covered by LA rent control.

657 rent-controlled apartments stripped from LA’s rental market in three months

That’s seven units lost per day.

California rent control bill advances in Senate

AB 1482 could expand rent control in Los Angeles. "We have to recognize some people are hurting in our economy," senator says.

‘Coliving’ comes to Echo Park bungalow courts

What will happen to rent control?

Inglewood makes rent control permanent, sets cap at 5 percent

Residents have pushed for renter protections amid a development boom: "We can’t resurrect as a city if everyone is relocated."

‘It would be naive to ignore the connection between evictions and homelessness’

A new report implores officials to adopt a permanent rent control measure in LA County.

The May massacre of California’s housing bills

Democrats hold a supermajority—but failed to exercise any of their power to fix the housing crisis.

‘Watered down’ rent cap bill approved in California Assembly

But a companion bill that would have made it harder to evict tenants did not come up for a vote.

Long Beach will require landlords to pay tenants’ moving fees

Tenants who move out to avoid big rent hikes will get as much as $4,500.

Rent control in unincorporated LA County extended through December

County officials are still working on a permanent measure.

Renters in Long Beach could get relocation payments if rent hikes force them to move

"Some people have called this tenant welfare... I would call this relief and improvement of quality of life," councilmember says.