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Regional Connector

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Metro’s Regional Connector is bringing new subway stations to Downtown LA

Here’s a guide to a very un-flashy transit project that will have a big impact.

Metro moving forward to develop site above future Little Tokyo/Arts District subway station

Big changes are ahead for the busy corner at First and Alameda.

The most exciting construction project in LA right now is the Regional Connector

When complete, it will provide a one-seat ride from Santa Monica to East LA.

Tunneling nearly complete on Metro's Regional Connector project

The second of two tunnels reached Bunker Hill Friday and has just 1,370 feet to go.

The 7 transit projects that could transform LA

From subway lines to high-speed rail, these new transit projects could reshape communities—and the entire region.

Regional Connector update: Journey to the center of Bunker Hill

See what it looks underneath Bunker Hill, where a massive machine is drilling tunnels for a new subway line.

Take a look around Metro’s Downtown LA tunneling project

A new video gives a 360 degree view of the action, where contractors are hard at work building nearly two miles of subway tunnels—and three new stations.

Tunneling for the Regional Connector is now underway beneath Downtown

A new video offers a look at the 400-foot-long machine boring tunnels to link up multiple rail lines.

A peek into the Regional Connector’s under-construction 2nd/Hope station

Scheduled to be finished in 2021, the Regional Connector will be a 1.9-mile-long tunnel that connects the Gold, Expo, and Blue lines. This large, elaborate hole will eventually be one of the connecter’s three new stations.

Metro wants help naming three new subway stations

The agency is looking for public input on three (boring) potential names and soliciting suggestions for new ones. Name ideas should let riders know "why they should stop at that particular station."

Metro's Regional Connector project hits a milestone in Little Tokyo

The project is bringing a trio of new subway stations to Downtown, including one in Little Tokyo. It will also connect the Blue, Expo, and Gold lines.

Want to know how LA subway tunnels are made?

Metro's new tunnel boring machine is almost set to begin work on the new Regional Connector project in Downtown. A video from the transit agency shows how the giant piece of machinery operates.

Little Tokyo’s Japanese Village suing Metro over Regional Connector

The owners of the shopping center are trying to stop construction of the Regional Connector, which will allow passengers to travel from points on the Gold Line to the Blue and Expo lines without having to transfer trains like they have to right now.

Watch a Bridge Get Demolished For the DTLA Subway

Take some time to enjoy the sight of two excavators going to town on a small bridge in Downtown LA. The demolition clears the way for a new subway station that'll be part of Metro's Regional Connector project, linking up several light rail lines.

The Gold Line Is Open 'End to End' For the First Time

Since January 8, the Gold Line's been running with the help of buses to bridge the gap in service at the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station. But now, for the first time, the line is running between East LA and its brand new terminus in Azusa.

Your Complete Guide to Getting Around the Three-Month Closure of the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station

Downtown LA Light Rail Loop Probably Won't Open By May 2021

Here's the Latest Look For DTLA's New Elevator Up Bunker Hill

Watch the Los Angeles Metro Rail Map's Spectacular Growth From 1990 to 2026

See Little Tokyo's Legendary Punk Hangout Get Destroyed

Work Officially Begins on the Downtown Subway Line

Work Officially Begins on the Downtown Subway Line

Regional Connector

Metro Makes a Deal Not to Disturb Disney Hall With Its Subway

DTLA Businesses Semi-Win Lawsuit Against Regional Connector

The Regional Connector Will Have a Bunker Hill Elevator