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Silver Lake Reservoir south dam will offer a new option around the lake

Long closed off to the public, the path is set to reopen next month.

New Hollywood Boulevard crosswalk proposed in Los Feliz

Right in the heart of the neighborhood’s burgeoning restaurant row.

Los Angeles isn’t keeping up with a flood of requests to fix broken sidewalks

New numbers underscore just how vast the problem is.

See the city’s vision for Century Boulevard as a pedestrian-friendly hub around LAX

Can the car funnel that is Century Boulevard become a ‘lively and active urban environment’?

Sneak peek: LA River bike path will link Canoga Park and Griffith Park

The roughly 12-mile path will close an existing gap along the river.

City officials give up on Playa del Rey road diets

Lanes of traffic for cars, which had been removed in order to make the streets safer, will be restored on three streets.

‘Road diet’ reversal: Traffic lanes will be restored to two Playa del Rey roads

The lanes had been removed to make the streets safer for walkers and bicyclists, but angry drivers complained the changes were snarling traffic.

Governor Brown signs bill finally ending California’s ridiculous crosswalk countdown rule

It’s now legal to enter a crosswalk while a countdown signal is still flashing.

Ballona Wetlands in line for a major restoration

The project would improve the habitat for wildlife and improve tidal flow in and out of Ballona Creek. It would also bring new trails and bridges for walkers and bikers.

LA’s 10 most walkable neighborhoods

Los Angeles has plenty of areas where it’s easy to get around on foot.

Angry Westside drivers want to recall City Councilmember Mike Bonin

They say street safety projects meant to eliminate traffic deaths have slowed down commute times.

State may finally put an end to totally bogus jaywalking tickets

It would end end ‘gotcha’ tickets for pedestrians who enter crosswalks while the timer is still counting down.

How one LA community is uniting to transform Jefferson Boulevard

Some neighbors are taking matters into their own hands to make the corridor safer and more pleasant for walking and biking.

Playa del Rey task force will analyze street safety projects in the area

Councilmember Mike Bonin has assembled a committee to recommend ways of reducing traffic-related deaths.

Take a look at the pedestrian-friendly changes planned for Union Station

The entrance to the historic station will be outfitted with a new plaza, while an esplanade for bicyclists and pedestrians will be installed along Alameda Street.

Councilmember Cedillo outlines pedestrian safety plan but wants to ban road diets

Adding scramble crosswalks and giving pedestrians more time to cross the street are among the improvements.

Mar Vista council votes to support Venice Boulevard lane reduction—for now

Bike and pedestrian-friendly changes have enraged some community members, but supporters say they've made the community safer.

Fresh renderings show off South LA’s future bike and pedestrian path

Opening in 2019, the path will link Metro’s Crenshaw, Silver, and Blue lines via two-way bike lanes and paved walking paths.

See how Crenshaw Boulevard’s Great Streets reboot could look

High-visibility crosswalks and curb extensions are on their way to a half-mile stretch of the street south of Florence Avenue.

Just how walkable is LA?

The pedestrian experience in Los Angeles has improved over the past year, but the most walkable city in Southern California is Long Beach.

Drivers aren’t happy about pedestrian-friendly changes in Playa del Rey

The updates are designed to reduce traffic deaths, but some residents are unhappy because they are slowing down commutes.

Why do city leaders want to keep LA’s streets dangerous?

If traffic deaths continue to increase at the same rate in 2017 as they did last year, more people in LA will be killed by cars than by gun violence.

Santa Monica councilmember wants to appoint a safe streets ‘czar’

"I don’t want to create a situation where we think if only we’d spent a little more money, we could have avoided a tragedy."

Santa Monica approves pedestrian-friendly makeover for Lincoln Boulevard

A streetscape makeover is designed to make the Lincoln Boulevard thoroughfare less of a mess, especially for people on foot and on bikes.

Arts District awarded $15M to spend on bike- and pedestrian-friendly upgrades

New sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes are coming to the neighborhood.

Traffic deaths in LA soared last year

And the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better. So far this year, the number of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers killed is up 22 percent.

Plan moves ahead to allocate Measure M funds to protect pedestrians and bicyclists

But less would go toward fixing potholes.

Arts District bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly projects around LA will get millions from the state

The California Transportation Commission has awarded nearly $15 million to make the neighborhood safer for walkers and bicyclists.

Pedestrian-friendly improvements coming to Spring and Main Streets in Downtown LA

Part of the city’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025, the project will add bike lanes and new crosswalks to the two busy streets.

Pedestrian-friendly improvements coming to Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista

City leaders broke ground today on a round of updates to Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista that include new crosswalks with signals and pedestrian head starts.

Santa Monica’s Lincoln Boulevard could get pedestrian-friendly makeover

The city’s planning commission is set to review a list of proposed improvements that includes new crosswalks, landscaped medians, and a dedicated bus lane.

How LA plans to make its streets less deadly

More than 250 people died on LA streets last year, so the city is changing its approach, including focusing in on 40 deadly corridors and targeting speeding everywhere

Pretty, pedestrian-friendly upgrades are coming to Los Angeles Street

A stretch of Los Angeles Street between 7th and Olympic is getting some work done. The city’s bumping out the curbs, improving sidewalks, and adding more trees.

6 things to know about LA’s plan to fix its awful sidewalks

The city has a $1.4 billion plan to fix its sidewalks over the next 30 years—they’re currently in pretty bad shape. Here are some important details about how it works and how to get a sidewalk fixed in your neighborhood.

Snazzy pedestrian bridge will connect the Broad to the subway

Work is underway to build new subway stops in Downtown Los Angeles, one of which will hook up to the Broad Museum via an elevator and a pedestrian bridge over Hope Street. We've got the latest renderings.

Data scientists say controversial Rowena 'road diet' actually worked

The Silver Lake street is more safe now that there are bike lanes. In an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, two data scientists say average speeds dropped and there were fewer crashes after the road diet.

Get a look at Santa Monica's bold new crosswalks (they're hard to miss)

Two of Santa Monica's crosswalks are transformed into art. The bright colors are supposed to help making walking safer, plus, city officials say, they help break, "the stereotype that nobody walks in LA."

Meet LA’s first people walker

Actor Chuck McCarthy walks people. You know, like someone would have their dog walked, but with actual human beings. He is serious. And, he's in demand.

New plan for Vermont Triangle would remove its crosswalks

The plan is "totally reasonable," says East Hollywood Business Improvement District treasurer Susanna Furios: "People can walk a bit." The group is trying to deter homeless from camping out in the triangle.