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Metered parking planned for Abbot Kinney

Councilmember Mike Bonin says paid parking would improve traffic and cut down on pollution.

LA getting serious about lifting parking requirements Downtown 

Downtown could become the city’s first neighborhood to do away with parking minimums.

LA approves hefty fines for drivers who misuse disabled placards

Abusing placards to claim parking spots is "particularly heinous," says one councilmember.

Here’s how to report scooters that block LA sidewalks

Companies will have two hours to pick them up.

LA extends rules against sleeping in vehicles

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to extend a prohibition against sleeping overnight in cars, RVs, and other vehicles.

California lawmakers will revisit polarizing transit density bill

A proposal to allow dense development around transit stops is back.

In LA, land dedicated to parking is larger than Manhattan

A new study asks: What if that space was used for housing instead?

LA councilmember calls for ‘vehicle lodging passes’ for people sleeping in cars

The special permits could be used on specific non-residential streets.

Will DTLA’s huge Angels Landing development be ‘underparked’?

The project would hold 600 apartments, 500 hotel rooms, retail, an elementary school—and 465 parking spaces. It would be built right over a subway stop.

Koreatown library could get a small park atop its new parking lot

The neighborhood sorely needs green space.

Some residents say Runyon is so crowded, they want the park closed

A city councilmember is looking to ease traffic, potentially by charging for parking.

Creating a ‘design district’ in Westlake is bound to cause displacement, activists say

Under the proposal, commercial corridors in Westlake and HiFi would be subject to new design standards.

LA might start texting drivers to alert them about street sweeping

The program, which would start in Woodland Hills and West LA, is geared at reducing street sweeping parking tickets.

LA will start ticketing drivers who park on sidewalks again

Since 2011, the city has turned a blind eye to cars on the parkway—the stretch of sidewalk between the walkway and the curb.

Downtown LA parking lot seeking $100 million

Plans for a Barry Shy-developed project on the site called SB Omega have been in the works for years.

Why aren’t drivers getting ticketed for parking on LA sidewalks?

Over five years ago, city officials pressed pause on ticketing people for parking in "parkways." Now residents are bristling at cars parked in the little public spaces.

City Controller says LA should not reduce parking fines

Instead, he’d like to make the ticketing system easier to understand, starting with an interactive website that includes maps, charts, and all kinds of data on parking tickets across Los Angeles.

WeHo will donate some parking meter revenue to groups helping the homeless

The campaign runs December 26 to 31. During the same week in 2015, the city took in $94,000 in parking revenue.

LA wants to stop building on top of ugly parking garages

The Department of City Planning has released a recommendation report advising city officials on how to reduce the number of unattractive above-ground parking structures at the base of larger developments. One recommendation: less required parking.

You can now make money 'sharing' your Los Angeles driveway via an app

People with driveways list them as available, set the price they wish, and get paid using their phones. Like most other "sharing" services, both parties also have the chance to post reviews.

Historic Core building might be razed for a parking lot

The building, which houses Shish Kabob restaurant and Five Star Bar, among other businesses, "is just kind of there," a rep for the building's owner tells Curbed. Its neighbor is The Smell, but the popular live music venue is safe from demolition.

Here's where you’re most likely to get a parking ticket in LA

If it seems like parking in some parts of town always results in a parking ticket, that might not be far from the truth. An interactive map shows where the most parking tickets are handed out, so plan accordingly.

Here’s how not to handle your street's messed up parking situation

Fed up with a lack of parking in Hollywood, one local group takes matters into its own hands and tries to start enforcing parking regulations. Neighbors are not pleased.

Watch: West Hollywood's New Robot Parking Garage

The first municipal robot parking garage built on the West Coast opens May 24 with a big celebration. (The city used all that ramp space it saved to build a community plaza.) If you can't make it, take a video tour through the works right this way.

Parking on Glendale's Brand Boulevard Could Be Pricier Soon

Glendale's packed parking meters could soon be freeing up if a price hike that city officials are considering gets approved. Meters along Brand Boulevard could see a 50 percent hike in parking meter prices in a move officials hope free up spaces.

Gold Line Parking Situation in Azusa is a Big Mess

The Gold Line extension has quickly become quite popular, but that's also meant huge parking problems at its terminus in Azusa. Tickets have been issued, vehicles have been towed, and now the city is considering parking restrictions.

Video: Why It's So Hard to Get to the Hollywood Sign

A new video from The Millennial Project takes a look at what it's like to try and get up to the Hollywood Sign these days considering all that neighbors have done to block access. The journey begins with notoriously inaccurate Google Maps directions.

Parking at Pershing Square is Free...For Now

Thanks to a class action lawsuit, Pershing Square is paying out $360,000 in free parking. Yep: free parking in the middle of Downtown LA, but it won't last very long.

$30M Site in Hot South Park Will Be Parking

South Park has seen a lot of new high-rises pop up over the last 20 years, but one developer is committed to parking lots. So committed that they just spent $30 million dollars to buy a site for a new one. (Or will they flip it?)

LA Finally Making a Database of All Its Parking Rules

LA is considering a project to collect information on parking regulations, signs, and curb paint throughout the city and create a database of the information that could eventually be turned into an app.

The First 3 LA Metro Stations With Paid Parking

Metro will begin charging at its parking lots starting with three brand new Expo Line stations in May. The first phase of the pilot, approved by Metro's Planning and Programming Committee, should be expanded to nine stations by late this year.

LA's Metro Going to Start Charging For Parking at Rail Stations

UCLA's Parking Permit Crunch is Hitting Students Hard

What Would It Look Like If All of Los Angeles's Parking Was in One Giant Blob?

14 Percent of Los Angeles County Land is Dedicated to Parking

Hollywood Christmas Parade 2015: Route, Street Closures, How to Get There

LA Creating Safe Parking For People Who Live in Their Cars

Bob Hope Airport is Going to Start Charging Uber and Lyft Drivers to Make Pickups

Parking Meter Pricing in Westwood Village Will Now Change Based on Demand