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Parking Meters

Metered parking planned for Abbot Kinney

Councilmember Mike Bonin says paid parking would improve traffic and cut down on pollution.

Parking on Glendale's Brand Boulevard Could Be Pricier Soon

Glendale's packed parking meters could soon be freeing up if a price hike that city officials are considering gets approved. Meters along Brand Boulevard could see a 50 percent hike in parking meter prices in a move officials hope free up spaces.

The Silver Lake Chandelier Tree Has Been Vandalized

Parking Meter Pricing in Westwood Village Will Now Change Based on Demand

Locking Bikes on Parking Meters Is Illegal in LA Apparently

Experimental Downtown Parking Program Lowering Rates, Filling Spaces, Spreading to Westwood

Insanely Popular Abbot Kinney Finally Getting Metered Parking

Triumph of the Parking Meter

You Can No Longer Be Ticketed For Parking at a Broken Meter

WeHo's New Superlong Parking Meter Hours Now in Effect

Feeding the Meter

SaMo Looking to Test Out Parking Meters on Residential Streets

State Could Block LA From Ticketing at Broken Meters