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Ad campaign for homeless housing targets NIMBYs

"It’s time to say ‘yes’ to building" housing for the homeless, says 72andSunny producer.

Future of Hollywood Target still uncertain after latest court ruling

The Los Angeles Times reports that the courts have once again sided with neighborhood groups fighting the building’s height.

Redondo Beach is temporarily banning mixed-use development

City Councilmembers voted unanimously to outlaw new mixed-use projects. They say development is making the South Bay city too crowded and clogged with traffic.

Harvard-Westlake parking garage and skybridge faces strong opposition from neighbors

The city’s planning commission could finally weigh in on the Coldwater Canyon project as soon as September.

Santa Monica commissioners want big park on downtown site slated for development

The commission’s unanimous vote in favor of a park echoes calls from a contingent of "slow-growth" advocates opposed to a large mixed-use development.

Alhambra residents suing over major office and retail project

They say it would be located in one of the city’s "most congested and contaminated areas," and that the city failed to fully review the project’s environmental impacts.

Council committee rejects appeals from opponents of Downtown’s clock-blocking tower

Some Historic Core residents say it would overshadow the Eastern Columbia Building and its iconic clock tower.

Some Los Feliz residents unhappy with apartment complex planned for Western and Franklin

The five-story apartment complex would replace a Valvoline gas station with 96 units of housing, including 16 units for very low-income tenants.

Super popular Hollywood Sign trailhead will stay open ... for now

Beachwood Canyon residents are outraged to learn their city councilman won't close the Hollyridge Trail to hikers and tourists.

In Silver Lake, even the anti-development posters are cool

A dramatic poster by the group Save Sunset Junction shows a bulldozer destroying the junction's famous sign. It says Silver Lake's community of "writers, artists, 5-dollar-guys, (and) coffee lovers" is threatened by new 5-story buildings.

South LA’s 'wildly-out-of-character' high-rise hit with lawsuit

Two groups are targeting a 30-story tower that's part of a huge mixed-use development planned for near the Expo Line’s La Cienega/Jefferson station.

Venice group blocking storage for the homeless

The Venice Stakeholders Association is challenging a proposal to provide storage space for homeless residents. The group says a court order from 1950 restricts the facility, but that doesn't seem like the real reason it's opposing the plan.

Santa Monica No-Growth Measure Might Be on Ballot

After getting the required number of signatures, a no-growth initiative in Santa Monica will probably be on the ballot in November. If approved, it would mean a public vote on proposed projects over 32 feet tall.

Updating the Divisive Hollywood Community Plan

The last time LA tried to update the planning guidelines that would have steered development and growth in the neighborhood for the next few decades, they were quickly rescinded in the wake of a NIMBY lawsuit. Will a new attempt be more productive?

Work to Start Again on Half-Built Hollywood Target

In a unanimous decision, the LA City Council voted to change height restrictions and allow the long-delayed Hollywood Target to finish construction. Work was halted years ago by a lawsuit filed by a NIMBY group that seems ready to sue again.

Video: Why It's So Hard to Get to the Hollywood Sign

A new video from The Millennial Project takes a look at what it's like to try and get up to the Hollywood Sign these days considering all that neighbors have done to block access. The journey begins with notoriously inaccurate Google Maps directions.

Next Door Neighbors Suing Over Palladium Towers

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is suing the city for approving the mixed-use Palladium Residences project going up across the street. The organization maintains it's a prime example of the kind of project it aims to stop with a ballot initiative.

NIMBY Group Offers Tour of Venice Over-Development

A walking tour hosted by the anti-development group Venice Coalition to Preserve our Unique Community Character showed off some of the big construction projects that the group is opposing in a new lawsuit against the city.

Two Bel Air Neighborhood Groups in a Vicious War

In the Bel-Air Association vs. the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance, the weapons are restraining orders and one-sided articles in the local newspaper. One group allegedly emptied the other's bank account. What are they fighting over exactly?

Crazy Bel Air Neighborhood Group in Crisis

Los Angeles's most entertaining homeowners association seems like it might be getting its act together, but at least the old leadership of the Bel-Air Association is going out in a blaze of restraining orders, nasty emails, and disappearing files.

LA Anti-Development Measure Seeks Lower Voter Turnout

The Coalition to Preserve LA has pushed their dramatic anti-development ballot measure from November—when there's a presidential election—to March. The lower voter turnout will favor their very conservative proposal.

Huntington Beach Refusing Order to Build Housing

Surf City council has rejected several plans to build more housing, in spite of state mandates to do so.

Two Ballot Measures Could Compete This Fall For the Future of Los Angeles

Odds Look Good That Work Will Start Again on Hollywood Target

Are We Witnessing the Rise of the Downtown LA NIMBYs?

LA Mayor Garcetti Looking to Compromise with NIMBYs on Anti-Development Ballot Measure

The Five Biggest Los Angeles Cliffhangers of 2015

Two-Tower Development Next to Hollywood Palladium Gets First Big Approvals

Los Angeles Official Wants to Make Party House Rentals Illegal

Santa Monica Halting New Downtown Development For a While

Scarily Hostile Mar Vista Residents Don't Want Depressed and Anxious People Living Near Them

Artists' Cardboard Replica of Vienna's Famous Loos Bar Shutting Down Because of Angry Neighbor

Inside the Casually Racist Listserv of a Snooty Santa Monica Neighborhood

28-Story Hollywood Palladium Tower Project Hit With Anti-Density Challenges

Hollywood Sign Neighbors Happy to Welcome Tourists as Long as They're Paying Hundreds of Dollars

Hollywood Sign NIMBYs Suing LA to Shut Down All Access

"It's Not About Keeping Hikers Out" Say Rancho Palos Verdes Residents Trying to Keep Hikers Out

The Academy Movie Museum On the Miracle Mile is Happening as Long as It's Not Killed By a Lawsuit

Hollywood Sign Parking Ban Could Go to Seven Days a Week