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How L.A.’s Richest Neighborhood Tried to Stop a Black Lives Matter Protest

In Bel Air, the negative response backfired on those who didn’t want a protest at all.

How to Bribe a Los Angeles Lawmaker

Escorts, cash, and karaoke bars.

Black Lives Matter Organizers Share How Defunding Police Could Fund a Better L.A.

"No one is saying that we don’t want to have strong systems of public safety."

L.A.’s Homeless Population Grew 13 Percent Since Last Year’s Count — and Is Likely Already Worse

"‘Are our leaders capable of solving this problem?’ I think is a really valid question at this point."

What L.A. could do with its $1.8 billion police budget

That money could go to housing, parks, and transportation.

Los Angeles wants to help pay your rent

But you have to qualify

LA now has until September to shelter homeless living along freeways

The city and county are arguing over who will pay for the shelters.

LA is housing its homeless in hotel rooms. How about the Ritz?

It was built with taxpayer money.

Bellflower bargains to solve its homeless problem

It’s building its very first shelter exclusively for residents with ties to the city.

Can your landlord raise your rent right now?

If you live in a rent-controlled apartment, the answer is no.

A coronavirus outbreak is growing in Skid Row. Are shelters safe?

A growing number of researchers and advocates are questioning the wisdom of opening new shelters amid a pandemic.

For now, LA can’t seize ‘bulky’ items from homeless camps

The city has limited the size of items that homeless residents can store in public areas to what can fit in a 60-gallon container.

Is it okay to move during LA’s coronavirus outbreak?

Los Angeles is under a stay-at-home order, but moving is considered "essential."

LA County ‘safer-at-home’ order extended to May 15

The curve is flattening in Los Angeles, but the number of people infected could still lead to more deaths.

Mayor promises to refill homeless hygiene stations after scolding from judge

The Skid Row area does "not have adequate sanitation facilities to meet the COVID-19 crisis," judge says.

In ‘massive undertaking,’ LA tries to find 15,000 hotel rooms for homeless

By early next week, more than 1,000 hotel beds will be available for at-risk homeless residents.

LACMA is being torn down right now

Demolition of the original modernist complex is clearing the way for a flashy new building.

In-person home showings now totally banned in LA

Shoppers are no longer allowed to venture inside the homes they want to buy.

Nightly applause brings Angelenos to their windows and balconies

Quiet Los Angeles neighborhoods come to life at the same time every night.

‘I’m terrified’: Tenants are making tough decisions about paying rent

And they’re finding little comfort in measures designed to help them.

LA just had its longest stretch of clean air since 1980

It’s a small silver lining.

Construction still chugging along in LA amid pandemic

But the mayor has warned: "We will not be shy about shutting down construction sites."

LA rental prices fall for the first time in a decade

Newer apartments are seeing the biggest price dips right now, according to a report from CoStar.

LA installed hundreds of hand-washing stations at homeless camps. Some are drying up.

The sanitation stations are supposed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Property management accidentally helps its tenants organize rent strike

The company’s blind-cc blooper is uniting tenants.

With empty streets, Beverly Hills looks to speed up Westside subway construction

The city is closing a stretch of Wilshire Boulevard and ramping up construction.

This stream has:

How coronavirus is impacting Los Angeles

News and updates on how the novel coronavirus outbreak is affecting LA housing, transit, and more.

Banks will waive mortgage payments for California homeowners, governor says

Homeowners directly impacted by COVID-19 can delay payment up to three months.

Projecting $700M in losses, Metro asks federal government for help

That’s a "massive hit" that could jeopardize the transit agency’s future plans.

Clippers to buy Forum, vow to build new arena next-door

The owners of the Forum were in the team’s way. So the Clippers are buying the storied venue for $400 million—cash

Los Angeles issues ‘safer-at-home’ order. Here’s what it means.

It "does not mean restrictions from going outside," and "it does not mean isolation."

Caltrans owns 163 empty homes around Pasadena. Homeless families want to live in them.

Protestors have taken over 11 homes in El Sereno: "The community has to take matters into their own hands."

How is coronavirus impacting LA’s housing market?

It was shaping up to be a banner year for real estate. Now economists predict: "It will not be a pretty picture."

Merry Norris, LA’s ‘godmother’ of arts and architecture, has died

She helped found MOCA and successfully guided the architecture and design world’s center of gravity away from New York City.

Forcing homeless out of tents would make them vulnerable, city says

It’s suspending a mandate that tents must come down during daytime hours.

Stopping foreclosures, protecting renters—LA braces for economic fallout from coronavirus

"You will not lose your housing during this crisis because you can’t make the rent," says Mayor Eric Garcetti.

This company is building backyard homes at no cost to Los Angeles homeowners

But homeowners have to be willing to rent out the units.

Disinfectant is flying off shelves. But coronavirus isn’t yet deterring homebuyers.

What may be encouraging buyers? A rare opportunity to borrow at historically low interest rates.

Where did all the scooters go?

Whether it’s the winter weather or LA’s tight regulations, companies are scaling back.