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New Hollywood coworking space is exclusively for cannabis companies

The Paragon Space will provide desks and offices for startups working in the legal marijuana industry.

Some LA pot shops can start selling recreational weed Saturday

California legalized marijuana sales January 1, but pot shops in the city of LA have been stuck waiting on licenses.

Mike Tyson is reportedly building 40-acre weed farm, resort north of Lancaster

It will include fancy cabins and camping areas.

If you want weed in LA, go to WeHo

Recreational pot sales are now legal in California. But if you live in Los Angeles, you’ll have to go to West Hollywood to get it, for now.

By legalizing recreational marijuana sales, LA will ‘set the tone for the rest of the country’

Los Angeles will also be among the first California cities to establish a legal framework for selling the drug once sales officially become legal in January.

Weed shops, lounges, delivery services can apply for licenses in WeHo starting in January

Gearing up for the legalization of recreational pot sales in California, the city will dole out a limited number of business licenses.

The Standard Hollywood is opening a shop for fancy weed edibles in its lobby

The shop should open on the Sunset Strip in "early 2018."

New map shows where LA would put marijuana dispensaries

Californians voted to legalize pot. Here's where all of the dispensaries might open.

LA’s city controller has put together an interactive map of marijuana dispensaries

You can check to see if criminal charges have been filed against a vendor—and whether they are paying their taxes.

LA's South Bay Has Become One of California's Last Pockets of Marijuana Prohibition

Lame LA Wants to Shut Down the Marijuana Farmers' Market

Santa Monica Scared Pot Shops Will Cause Parking Problems

Snobby Arts District Residents Clutching Pearls Over Pot Shop