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Mapping Scientology’s impressive LA real estate empire

Here are 16 prized buildings.

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Mapping downtown Long Beach’s sudden development boom

Well over a dozen major projects are on the way to the heart of the city.

26 glorious things to do in LA

Theses are most essential places to visit this summer.

18 must-visit small towns near LA

Need a break from city life? These small towns around California are perfect for a little rest and relaxation.

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The changes underway in Chinatown, mapped

From mixed-use development to parks, we’ve charted all the projects that are bound to reshape Chinatown.

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Mapped: The towers that will change LA’s skyline

Los Angeles might not be known for its skyscrapers, but that could change.

24 free and air conditioned spots around LA

A couple dozen places to cool off on the cheap.

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“Vaya Con Dios”: It’s the Point Break map of Los Angeles

For some growing up in Kansas, Point Break is the ultimate cinematic expression of the Los Angeles experience.

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Mapping LA’s most overlooked and underrated public parks

These under-the-radar parks are perfect for picnics, birthday parties, and peaceful walks.

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38 remarkable places to encounter public art in Los Angeles

From Santa Monica to the Valley, we’ve picked 39 of our favorite pieces—some well-known and some under the radar.

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Map: LA’s strange and wonderful lost amusement parks

Ride an alligator or watch a Civil War sea battle reenactment while drinking free beer and eating cotton candy.

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Where to watch Fourth of July fireworks in LA

All the best spots to see the bombs bursting in air this Independence Day.

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Hollywood’s wild development boom, mapped

From the Amoeba tower to the many planned hotels, these 30-plus projects are in the works right now.

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Mapped: The big development projects headed to South LA

For the first time in decades, major development projects are underway in South Los Angeles.

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The ultimate ‘Chinatown’ filming location map of Los Angeles

All the places seen in the classic LA caper.

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25 secret gardens hidden around LA

From small rooftop parks to large open spaces crisscrossed by trails.

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These fancy buildings will transform the Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip has become a magnet for high-end developments.

The Case Study houses that made LA a modernist mecca

Mapping the homes that helped to define an era.

The best things to do with kids in LA that aren’t Disneyland

We searched the city to find the 30 best family-friendly activities, from dazzling puppet productions to a tiny railway.

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The Arts District's never-ending parade of development, mapped

One of LAs most popular neighborhoods for developers shows zero signs of slowing down. Here are 25 projects in the works.

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LA’s jaw-dropping wedding venues

From breathtaking public parks to Lloyd Wright’s all-glass chapel, these are 25 of the most stunning places to tie the knot.

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The famous authors map of Los Angeles

A map guide to the favorite LA haunts of famous authors, from Joan Didion to Charles Bukowski.

The historic, stately homes of West Adams Boulevard

Take a walking tour, using this map as your guide.

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Mapping the 1992 LA Uprising

A map guide the major events and places that shaped one of the biggest episodes of civil unrest in U.S. history 26 years ago.

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Martin Luther King Jr. left his mark on Los Angeles

Here are some of the places the civil rights legend visited around LA.

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Mapped: The 12 big projects poised to alter the Valley

From Chatsworth to North Hollywood, these are the game-changing mixed-users headed to the Valley.

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LA’s strange history as an oil town

Angelenos have been living alongside the oil business since 1892.

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Mapped: The 20 most expensive houses for sale in LA

These blockbuster properties include Malibu beach houses and celebrity-pedigreed pads.

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The East LA blowouts of 1968, mapped

Over a period of two weeks, thousands of Mexican-American students protested their unequal education—we’ve mapped the most pivotal locations.

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Mapped: The Central Avenue jazz clubs that made LA swing

From the 1920s to 1950s, "the Avenue," as it was lovingly called, was the hub of the West Coast jazz scene.

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‘This Is Us’: A filming locations map you can ugly-cry to

The NBC series is set in Pittsburgh and New York—but it’s filmed in Los Angeles.

Mapped: 18 places in LA where black architects left their mark

From the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel to the Pacific Design Center’s blue building.

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For Mexicans, celebrations are a journey across the Southland 

Every large Mexican immigrant community has its own circuit of venues for life’s big events. This is Jerez’s.

This map shows evacuation zones, areas burned in Skirball Fire

Approximately 46,000 residents east of the 405 freeway were forced to evacuate.

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Mapping the changes on Westlake’s horizon

High-profile projects, hotels, and other game changers are headed to the neighborhood that has famously resisted gentrification.

The 20 most iconic buildings in Los Angeles, mapped

From the Walt Disney Concert Hall to the Watts Towers, these are the buildings that give you that "back-home" feeling when you return from vacation.

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Mapping LA’s Green book locations

These were the only safe places for black travelers in Jim Crow-era Los Angeles.

This map shows how far and wide Dodgers fandom spreads

Where do true blue Dodger fans live?

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The ultimate horror movie map of LA

The buildings and houses that were made famous in creepy TV and movies.