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LA Olympics

It will cost $6.9B to host the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles

The organizing committee expects the privately funded games to break even.

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What LA can learn from the ’84 Olympics

Can LA make the 2028 Games work for all Angelenos?

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What could LA 2028 do for Los Angeles?

From stormwater gardens to autonomous transit, designers envision the look and legacy of the 2028 Summer Olympics.

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How will LA treat the homeless when it hosts the Olympics in 2028?

The last time Los Angeles hosted the Olympics, it "sterilized" the streets.

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The remnants of LA’s 1984 Olympics

From the Coliseum to Dodger Stadium.

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The Olympics fixed LA’s traffic once—can the 2028 games do it permanently?

Transportation solutions deployed for the 1984 Summer Olympics are even more relevant today.

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The most anticipated transit projects opening in time for the 2028 LA Olympics

LA’s transit network will look dramatically different in 11 years.

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Mapped: The future sites of LA's 2028 Olympic games

Ten years from now, the Olympics will return to Los Angeles for the first time since 1984.

Take a look back at LA when the 1984 Olympics came to town

Only 34 years have passed, but a lot has changed.

LA streets and sidewalks aren’t in Olympic-ready condition

City leaders want more transit options and better sidewalks in time for the 2028 games.

Initiative to accelerate transportation projects in time for LA Olympics picks up steam

The project list for Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Twenty-Eight by ’28 initiative includes the Sepulveda Pass and another Gold Line extension—but not a light rail to WeHo.

Metro looks to accelerate 28 transportation projects in time for the 2028 Olympics

"We should all be racing to accelerate as many projects in as many places as we can."

IOC officially names LA as host city for the 2028 Olympic games

The city has been all but assured to host, but a unanimous vote Wednesday by the International Olympic Committee cemented the return of the games in 2028.

Los Angeles City Council approves plan for 2028 Olympics

A new agreement will bring the games back to Los Angeles. But critics of the games say the city is rushing; a budget for the 2028 games has not been completed.

Long Beach pier may need to be rebuilt for 2028 Olympics

The 50-year-old pier is set to be used during sailing events, but Mayor Robert Garcia says it’s "in massive need of repair."

LA agrees to host 2028 Olympic games

An agreement with the IOC paves the way for Paris to host in 2024, while LA will get the games four years after that.

LA Olympics: Either LA or Paris has to agree to 2028—or risk losing the chance to host

City leaders and IOC officials have to reach a deal by September.

Olympics heading to LA after IOC votes to award 2024 and 2028 games simultaneously

With only two remaining candidates bidding for the games, all that’s left to decide is which city will host first.

Here are the private donors funding LA’s Olympics bid

The filing comes hot on the heels of a recommendation from the International Olympic Committee’s executive committee all but assuring that Los Angeles will host the Olympic games in the next 11 years.

Q&A: Should LA think twice about hosting the Olympics?

A growing coalition called NOlympics LA says the games would hurt the city. We asked an organizing member to tell us why.

IOC board recommends plan that would bring the Olympics to Los Angeles

It’s just about a done deal that the Olympics are coming to LA, either in 2024 or 2028. IOC president Thomas Bach called the arrangement a "win-win-win."

LA may host the Olympics in 2028—not 2024

The International Olympic Committee is reportedly considering a deal that would simultaneously award the 2024 games to Paris and the 2028 games to LA.

Plans for Los Angeles Olympics on display in new renderings

The images reveal how recognizable venues like the Rose Bowl and the Forum would be transformed for the games.

See how Long Beach would be transformed for the 2024 Olympics

The city’s waterfront would play a big part in the 2024 games—if LA wins its bid.

2024 Olympics: See the flashy sports park planned for the Valley

The city’s bid committee releases renderings of a brightly colored temporary sports park in the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area.

LA finalizes its bid for 2024 Olympics

The City Council agreed Wednesday to shoulder any cost overruns from the games. Bid leaders and city officials are aiming for a fiscally responsible plan for the games will allow them to turn a profit.

LA 2024 Olympics not likely to be a financial disaster, according to a state report

Released by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, it suggests the city could host a low-cost and low-risk games—should it win its bid.

LA now only has one competitor for the 2024 Olympics

Hungary has withdrawn Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics amid growing local resistance to the games. That leaves Paris as LA’s only challenger.

Tickets to 2024 Olympics opening ceremonies in LA expected to cost about $1,700

It would cost as much as attending the Super Bowl or NBA Finals.

Travel ban could complicate LA’s Olympic bid

President Donald Trump's executive order Friday blocking travelers from seven nations isn't likely to be popular with IOC delegates. Each country affected sent athletes to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Here's where LA would hold opening ceremonies for the 2024 Olympics

Events would occur at both the Coliseum and future NFL stadium in Inglewood, with most of the opening ceremony held at the new stadium and the closing ceremony held at the Coliseum—which has hosted the games twice before.

Will Donald Trump submarine LA’s shot at the 2024 Olympics?

The president-elect says he’s on board with the games, but will his protectionist politics and anti-immigration rhetoric turn off International Olympic Committee voters? Mayor Eric Garcetti once suggested that possibility.

New potential LA Olympic sites revealed

Leaders of LA's 2024 Olympic bid announced Thursday that the city's hosting plans have grown to include a complex of facilities in Long Beach that includes two temporary venues. The Honda Center in Anaheim would also be used for volleyball.

How LA’s Olympic Bid could steer the games in a new direction

Los Angeles is an underdog in its battle to win the 2024 Olympic games, having last hosted only 32 years ago. But Olympics planner Bill Hanway says the city's bid could usher in a new era of responsible approaches to hosting.

Santa Monica really wants to host 2024 Olympics beach volleyball

LA's Olympic bid book touts Santa Monica State Beach as the presumable location for beach volleyball events. Plans call for a 12,000-seat temporary arena near the Santa Monica Pier. Exciting! But there could be some serious drawbacks.

Get inspired by LA’s new Olympic bid video

A new video from LA 2024, the group leading the city's Olympic bid, shows off the area as a pair of kids rattle off a list of things they'd like to see in their "dream city." Turns out, LA has all those things and is pretty much perfect.

Can LA really win its Olympic bid?

Facing steep competition from Rome, Budapest, and especially Paris, Los Angeles might not seem like the favorite to host the 2024 Olympic games. But Bill Hanway, who helmed planning efforts for the games in London and Rio, says the city has a shot.

First look at the Coliseum's Olympics makeover

New renderings and a video show how the venue would be converted from a college football field into a place where track and field events would happen. There's also venue shuffling that's moving swimming events away from the new soccer stadium.

LA Residents Really Want the 2024 Olympics

Nearly 90 percent of LA County residents want the Games, hoping for an "economic boost" that probably won't come.