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L.A.’s Homeless Population Grew 13 Percent Since Last Year’s Count — and Is Likely Already Worse

"‘Are our leaders capable of solving this problem?’ I think is a really valid question at this point."

What L.A. could do with its $1.8 billion police budget

That money could go to housing, parks, and transportation.

LA now has until September to shelter homeless living along freeways

The city and county are arguing over who will pay for the shelters.

LA is housing its homeless in hotel rooms. How about the Ritz?

It was built with taxpayer money.

Bellflower bargains to solve its homeless problem

It’s building its very first shelter exclusively for residents with ties to the city.

A coronavirus outbreak is growing in Skid Row. Are shelters safe?

A growing number of researchers and advocates are questioning the wisdom of opening new shelters amid a pandemic.

For now, LA can’t seize ‘bulky’ items from homeless camps

The city has limited the size of items that homeless residents can store in public areas to what can fit in a 60-gallon container.

Mayor promises to refill homeless hygiene stations after scolding from judge

The Skid Row area does "not have adequate sanitation facilities to meet the COVID-19 crisis," judge says.

In ‘massive undertaking,’ LA tries to find 15,000 hotel rooms for homeless

By early next week, more than 1,000 hotel beds will be available for at-risk homeless residents.

LA installed hundreds of hand-washing stations at homeless camps. Some are drying up.

The sanitation stations are supposed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

‘We’re not going to be able to pay the rent’

LA told landlords not to evict tenants. Nearly 200 local groups say that’s not enough.

Forcing homeless out of tents would make them vulnerable, city says

It’s suspending a mandate that tents must come down during daytime hours.

Developer plans affordable apartments next to historic Watts Towers

213 affordable units for seniors, families, and homeless residents.

Homeless shelter that neighbors tried to block opens near Venice Boardwalk

"The alternative is knowing that we did nothing while people continued to die on our streets," City Councilmember Mike Bonin says at grand opening.

Agency responsible for housing LA’s homeless discovers 3,000 units it ‘didn’t know about’

The discovery was made as LAHSA develops a new approach that treats the homeless crisis more like a natural disaster.

Planning commission thwarts appeal of homeless housing in Fairfax

The Pointe on La Brea would rise in an area of Fairfax that has been "plagued" with homelessness.

For women, ‘living on the streets in Los Angeles is dangerous and traumatic’

A new survey illuminates the urgent need for safe spaces and housing.

Homeless residents want permission to camp at Echo Park Lake

"They’re trying to evict us," said one camp resident. "We’re here taking a stand."

Can LA actually fix its homeless crisis?

"We’re going to have a hard time catching up, even with all the resources in the world," says the head of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

If you have a home, sign up for the homeless count

It’s always important to gather accurate data for LA’s homeless count—but this is the year that our unhoused neighbors need us most.

‘They see the trash... But they have to understand that this is someone’s home’

What it’s like for RV dwellers during a city-sanctioned cleanup.

Homeless cleanup teams were focused on outreach. Then city leaders changed their minds.

"If our primary mission is to create a strong sanitation program, [outreach] has to take somewhat of a back seat," one councilmember said.

Homeowner sues to stop Griffith Park homeless shelter, cites damage to property values

"Properties in communities with shelters are considered less desirable," the homeowner wrote in a letter before filing a lawsuit.

‘When [voters] passed this measure it made all the difference in the world’

The first homeless housing built with money approved by voters in 2016 is now open in South LA.

Will LA eliminate bars on bus benches designed to deter homeless?

"I find [the bars] to be offensive and not accommodating to riders," City Councilmember says.

Second homeless shelter planned at Los Feliz-Silver Lake border

Twenty-six bridge shelters are either in the works or have opened across the city. This would be the fourth in David Ryu’s council district.

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7 Ways You Can Help the Homeless in Los Angeles

From donating goods to advocating for more housing, here’s how to help tackle the crisis.

In race to house homeless, LA makes space for transgender women

Casa Zulma is the county’s first publicly funded "bridge" shelter for transgender women.

Shipping container apartments with rooftop gardens will house the homeless in South LA

Designed by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects, it will feature a landscaped paseo to buffer apartments from the freeway.

Homeless deaths in LA County doubled between 2013 and 2018

Being homeless in LA "is becoming increasingly deadly," says a new report.

LA awards $24.3M for homeless housing at West LA VA campus

It’s the first piece of a much larger revamp of the sprawling campus.

LA approves $358.1M for 2,998 affordable apartments

One of the projects to get Measure HHH funding? A contested development in Chatsworth.

Bridge housing for families opens in old Hollywood mansion

It will house up to 40 young women and their children.

No more environmental review for homeless shelters

Under a new state law, emergency shelters and affordable housing projects in LA are now exempt from CEQA.

‘Building in the quickest time possible’: Modular homeless housing rising in Westlake

The builder says they’re cutting construction time in half.

City attorney asks Supreme Court to rule on where homeless can sleep

Among the questions Mike Feuer wants the court to answer: How many shelter beds, exactly, does Los Angeles need to build before it can enforce sidewalk laws?

LA poised to scale back proposed restrictions on where homeless can sleep

Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, who introduced the rules, said today that he’s ready to "revisit" them.

LA gearing up to spend $336M to build 2,998 apartments for homeless residents

It will tap the last remaining Measure HHH money, a $1.2 billion bond voters approved for homeless housing.

LA County will ask Supreme Court to uphold bans against sleeping on sidewalks

The vote was split, but some supervisors say they are otherwise "powerless to address camping in public places."