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Los Angeles Environment

LA just had its longest stretch of clean air since 1980

It’s a small silver lining.

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An illustrated guide to Southern California’s desert plants

How to identify the spectacular succulents, cacti, and palms

LA mayor signs order to address climate crisis—and get people driving less

With clear deadlines for faster buses, traffic signals that prioritize trains over cars, and weekly open streets events closed to vehicles.

County wants to spend $41M fighting displacement along LA River

Efforts to transform the concrete channel from eyesore to asset have been met with mixed reactions from residents.

Giant water wheel will churn LA River water just like the 1860s

The wheel is being installed at the edge of Los Angeles State Historic Park.

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LA’s strange history as an oil town

On November 4, 1892, what had been a small agricultural city popular became a boomtown nearly overnight when Edward Doheny discovered oil in modern-day Echo Park.

LA’s answer to scorching sidewalks? Umbrellas

The city is trying to find ways to cool down streets and sidewalks as LA heats up.

Edison warns of possible power shut-offs in parts of Malibu, Valley

The utility company is bracing for Santa Ana winds—and critical wildfire conditions.

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Where to find fall colors near Los Angeles

Who says LA doesn’t have seasons?

‘There’s no excuse not to report illegal dumping’

The amount of illegally dumped garbage the city’s sanitation bureau collected last monthly nearly tripled—to 2,195 tons.

Want to support climate action? Stop driving so much, LA

We need to spend 12 percent less time in our cars—about two car-free trips per week—and probably much more.

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LA’s 13 best beaches, mapped

From Malibu to coastal Orange County, here are 13 great beaches to visit this summer.

8 awesome campsites near Los Angeles

From the coast to the mountains, these campgrounds are all within a two-hour drive or train ride from the city—but they feel a world away.

An LA without gas stations?

A county sustainability plan is the latest framework for a carbon-free LA—and it calls on more people to walk, bike, or take public transit.

Long Beach named LA County’s most polluted beach

Only three other beaches scored worse on tests for E. coli and other bacteria harmful to swimmers.

Hawk hitchhikes on car, terrifies driver in Westlake

Spoiler: The hawk did not tip, and it did not leave a review.

When two Angelenos buy a farm—they make a must-see documentary about it

The Biggest Little Farm is heartfelt and visually stunning.

Environmental groups sue over 12,000-acre Centennial development in northern LA County

The planned community would bring almost 20,000 new homes to the Antelope Valley.

LA River residents told to brace for 100-year flood

In the next two years, FEMA might mandate that property owners along the river get flood insurance.

Los Angeles named smoggiest U.S. city

It’s won that title 19 of the last 20 years.

The bright yellow flowers blanketing LA hills are actually invasive—and ‘evil’

The black mustard can become fuel for wildfires.

It’s not just wildflowers—rain brings millions of painted lady butterflies to Southern California

The butterflies are feasting on plants as they travel north from Mexico.

Is climate change the reason why it snowed in LA?

No. But it is the reason why it’s not snowing as much as it used to.

Los Angeles treated to rare dusting of snow

"There were real, traditional, crystalline snowflakes" falling across the region, from the Malibu Pier to Pasadena.

Storms put LA at above-average yearly rainfall

DTLA’s rainfall total just surpassed the average of 14.93 inches.

‘Power plants are just a start’: Green New Deal proposed for LA

The proposal comes just one day after Mayor Garcetti reversed course on plans to repower natural gas units at three power plants.

Edison now facing at least seven lawsuits over Woolsey Fire

The latest suit claims Southern California Edison and Boeing failed to protect the public from the threat of wildfire.

See the LA River cresting toward capacity

The river becomes torrent-like in wet weather.

With more rain, ‘miracle’ wildflower blooms will blanket LA

"We’re optimistic that it’s going to be a good one."

Maps show where wildfires have burned over and over again in LA county

Some locations—including along Malibu Canyon Road—have burned as many as six times since 1970.

Curbed LA’s 13 best longreads of 2018

From Pepperdine’s evacuation plans to Los Angeles’s magnificent streetlights.

Cars can’t be the only way to evacuate LA

Wildfires and earthquakes highlight the danger of the region’s auto dependency.

Malibu residents vow not to evacuate in next fire

"We’re more than capable and motivated to hold our own," one resident says.

Malibu will race to rebuild

The mayor’s first priority is to replace homes as quickly as possible.

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Woolsey Fire

How Malibu grew

For decades, one family fought to keep Malibu to themselves—but its natural beauty proved irresistible.

Areas burned by Woolsey Fire now face possibility of mudslides

Rain is in the forecast this week.

Here’s how the Woolsey Fire stacks up to LA’s most destructive wildfires

The massive blaze is truly historic.

Why Pepperdine stays put when wildfires rage

While the rest of Malibu evacuates, the hillside college hunkers down.