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How to prepare for LA’s next big earthquake

Assembling an earthquake kit is just the first step.

The Northridge earthquake exposed flaws in the Getty’s construction—and changed how LA builds

If it hadn’t been for what was observed after Northridge, and the Getty’s commitment, nothing might have been fixed.

LA’s early warning app will now send alerts for magnitude 4.5 earthquakes

You wanted alerts, you got ’em.

New video maps every California earthquake of the last 30 years

Faults capable of producing major earthquakes snake through most of the state—and rupture routinely.

Earthquake-prone LA needs a better early warning alert

There’s a 46 percent chance that a 7.0 earthquake will strike the LA area in the next 30 years. Without major changes, most Angelenos will be caught off guard when it does.

Two large earthquakes rattle LA

One of the largest earthquakes to strike Southern California in decades rocked Los Angeles on Friday, just a day after the region experienced another major quake.

5 fault lines directly below LA

They have potential to inflict as much—if not more—devastation than a quake on the San Andreas.

Why does LA’s mandatory retrofit program ignore vulnerable steel skyscrapers?

After Northridge, engineers warned that hundreds of towers could be dangerous in a large earthquake—but the city hasn’t required owners to fix them.

Earthquake faults crisscross LA. Is it safe to tunnel here?

Subway tunnels are not immune to damage during earthquakes—but they’re probably safer than skyscrapers. Here’s why.

LA’s next big earthquake could displace 270,000 people

Where will they go?

4,600 ‘soft-story’ apartment buildings still need earthquake retrofits

Most of the apartments damaged and destroyed in the Northridge quake were in these dingbat-style buildings.

Earthquake early warning app now available for LA

ShakeAlertLA deploys a warning to smartphones when shaking is expected anywhere in Los Angeles County.

Cars can’t be the only way to evacuate LA

Wildfires and earthquakes highlight the danger of the region’s auto dependency.

Angelenos might have an earthquake early warning app by the end of 2018

For a 4.4 quake near La Verne, beta-testers in the LA region got advance notice.

Study: LA buildings will shake more in earthquakes than previously predicted

Developers and builders will have to reassess the safety of "tall buildings," the study’s authors say.

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Will your building hold up in a major earthquake?

Here’s how to find out if your home or apartment is at risk.

The complete list of Los Angeles destruction movies

Filmmakers love to destroy LA.

Lucy Jones: Be worried about the quake—and the flood

Most Angelenos know the city is overdue for a major earthquake. But a flood could be more devastating.

New state map tells you if you live in an earthquake fault zone

It’s better to know now, before the shaking starts.

New study suggests LA is due for a major earthquake

A rupture along the San Andreas fault, originating near the Grapevine, could produce a quake with a magnitude as high as 7.9.