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Light Rail

Metro projects huge ridership for West Hollywood train

A northern extension of the Crenshaw Line could draw more riders than Boston’s Green Line—but will it take three decades to build?

It’s called the Crenshaw/LAX Line, but Metro’s newest train won’t actually go to the airport

When the line opens, riders will end their trips more than one mile from the nearest airport terminal.

First look at Destination Crenshaw, an open-air ‘museum’ set to run along the Crenshaw Line

Designed by Perkins + Will, the public art project will celebrate black Los Angeles.

Fly through the Metro station connecting LAX to light rail

Fresh renderings show where rail and the people mover will meet.

Travel the path of the Expo Line predecessor that ran from 1908 to 1953

The Pacific Electric Air Line, aka the Red Cars, blazed a trail the Expo Line picked up.

Metro looking at options to push the Green Line deeper into the South Bay

A long-planned extension of the Green Line could bring four new stations to the area.

Sherman Oaks homeowners ask Metro for subway through the eastern Valley

That option would be much more expensive than other possibilities Metro is considering, but the group says the cost would be worth it.

Peeking into the future Purple Line station at Wilshire and La Brea

In 2023, you’ll be able to board the subway here, but for now, these photos will have to do.

New renderings show off stations on Gold Line’s extension to Montclair

The $1.4-billion project will bring six new stations to the light rail line and is expected to open by early 2026.

The Expo Line to Santa Monica reaches its 2030 ridership goal

A lot of people are riding the new light rail to the beach. But the same can't be said for all of Metro's transit lines.

Shiny new renderings of the Crenshaw Line’s 96th Street Station

A closer look at the ins and outs of the station that will connect Crenshaw and Green Line riders to LAX via an automated "people mover" train.

Take a flyover tour of the Crenshaw/LAX light rail

A new flyover video offers an easy way to visualize where the future light rail line will go and how it will fit into the neighborhoods it traverses when it opens in 2019.

Metro rail connection to LAX clears key hurdle

LA is a step closer to having an airport more easily accessed by trains. The 96th Street Station will serve the Crenshaw/LAX Line and the Green Line and be the main transfer point for a new train that will ferry travelers to airport terminals.

Metro is trying to make the Blue Line—its deadliest rail line—safer

The transit agency is finally adding features aimed at preventing deadly crashes along the 26-year-old rail line, which runs from Downtown Los Angeles to Downton Long Beach.

Here's the rail station that will connect to LAX

The Aviation/96th Street station will serve as a hub not only for rail and buses but also for travelers trying to get to the airport. The station will eventually connect to LAX via a people mover. Here's what the much-anticipated station looks like.

Everything Metro LA Wants to Build Over the Next 40 Years

The timeline for 40 years worth of Metro projects has been revealed to the public. The breakdown of future spending includes money for helping the Downtown streetcar break ground (in 2053) and finishing up the LA River bike path.

Metro's LA Transit Wishlist: Something For Everyone

Metro outlines the projects it would fund with a new ballot measure tax increase, and they span the region, from WeHo to the Valley to the South Bay and the Westside.

Take a Ride on the New Gold Line Extension Opening March 5

Here's the Latest Look For Three of the Future Stations on the Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail Line

Metro May Run a New Rail Line Right By Inglewood NFL Stadium

The Expo Line to Santa Monica is Basically Finished Now

West Hollywood Moving Forward With Complicated Scheme to Get a Metro Extension

Expo Line Light Rail to Santa Monica Should Be Ready to Open in April or May

Los Angeles's Expo Line Did Not Magically Fix Freeway Traffic

Downtown LA Light Rail Loop Probably Won't Open By May 2021

Mapping the Historic Routes and Few Remains of Los Angeles's Massive Streetcar System