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Carson Claims There Are Literally Zero Records of Plan to Build Chargers/Raiders NFL Stadium

Lawsuit-Happy Group Gearing Up to Fight the Academy Museum

Palos Verdes Estates Demolishing Seven Crumbling Blufftop Mansions For Open Space

Judge Tanks Plans For Two Giant Towers By Capitol Records

Living in Limbo in a Hollywood High-Rise Where All the Tenants Might Have to Move Out

Here's the Duplex That Donald Sterling's Girlfriend is Being Forced to Give to His Wife

Hollywood's Unpermitted Sunset Gordon Apartments Also Acting as Unpermitted Hotel

Los Angeles Finally Being Forced to Fix Its Terrible Sidewalks

Los Angeles Will Literally Take Your Car Away If You Don't Drive It Every Three Days

Everyone Living in Hollywood's Sunset and Gordon Tower Has to Move Out

Malibu Has Been Trying to Pass Off Guest Houses as Low-Income Housing

Justin Bieber Being Sued For Spitting On, Egging Neighbor

Arcadians Suing to Try and Stop the Mansion Boom

Angry Neighbor Serves LA City Council Candidate a Tree-Pruning Lawsuit Mid-Debate

"Spray-Tanner to the Stars" and Asthmatic Cat at Center of Very Weird Landlord Battle

Work Begins to Turn the West LA VA Campus Into a Community

Celebrity Real Estate Agent Accused of Telling Rich Guy That His Mansion Is Bigger Than It Is

Cahuenga Passers Suing to Keep 101 Barham Offramp Open

7 Awful Stories About the Man Destroying Downtown LA

LA Will Start Fixing Sidewalks But Only Around City Properties

Neighbors Say Windsor Square's Historic Chandler House Is Getting Tacky, Illegal Changes

Mapping Where 45 New Digital Billboards Could Pop Up in LA

Billy Corgan and Rebecca Gayheart Settle Two-Year Tree Feud

Anti-Density Lawyer May Have Just Forced 40 People Out of Their New Homes in Hollywood's Sunset/Gordon

Nutty-Sounding Neighborhood Group Goes Rogue in Bel Air

Recording Studio Suing CrossFit Gym Over Loud Banging