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Los Angeles Rental Market

In Los Angeles, having a roommate saves $6,696 per year

Everyone knows having a roommate saves money, but how much? A new study finds that in LA, renters can save over $550 per month when sharing a two-bedroom. Using the study's data, we found even bigger savings for three-bedroom units.

Los Angeles rental prices are back on the rise

A report last month showed that rental prices might actually be falling in the LA area, but data from Apartment List shows that in the city of Los Angeles, prices have risen nearly a half-percent since last month and over three percent this year.

LA’s cheapest and most expensive places to rent right now

Renters rejoice! Average prices citywide went down last month, according to a report from Zumper. They're up since last year, but still. On a neighborhood level, Santa Monica is holding strong as the priciest in the LA area.

Los Angeles renters aren’t crazy about Los Angeles

A new survey from Apartment List shows that Los Angeles renters aren't particularly happy with the overall quality of life afforded by the city. They give LA just a C grade overall, with parents actually flunking the city in satisfaction ratings.

High-end Downtown apartments competing to attract tenants

With so many new, fancy apartments opening in Downtown, some are feeling the crunch of competition, offering perks like a month of free rent to set themselves apart. Unfortunately, less expensive, older apartments aren't doing the same.

Los Angeles rents didn’t skyrocket last month

Blessedly, LA rents didn't really do much over the last month. Apartments are still pricey, though, and we've singled out a few of the more expensive places to rent a one- or two-bedroom.

Rents in LA are rising way faster than incomes

A new study shows that, since 1960, rental prices have outpaced income levels nationwide. The data also reveals that renters in Los Angeles have it worse than those in many other cities. Since 1980, rents here have soared 55 percent.

Here’s where LA renters are looking to move

Rental search website Radpad reports that LA renters looking to switch zip codes are considering some surprising neighborhoods. Plenty of people are also thinking about leaving the city, with Las Vegas emerging as the most popular destination.

The cheapest, priciest neighborhoods to rent in right now

Los Angeles residents are shelling out 15 percent more for rent than they were this time last year, according to a new analysis. Venice is challenging Santa Monica for the title of Most Expensive Neighborhood.

LA Renters Need to Earn $29/Hour to Afford a 2-Bedroom

And that's not even for a fancy apartment—just a modest one that's available quickly. $29 an hour is not close to LA's actual, current minimum wage. Workers earning that would have to work 2.9 full-time jobs to afford a two-bedroom unit.

You Have to Make $145k to Rent a Two-Bedroom in LA

Renting a typical, two-bedroom, market-rate apartment isn't cheap. The average unit in the category rents for about $3,400 and requires a hefty income to rent affordably, without spending more than the recommended 30 percent on housing.

LA Has a Plan to Legalize Bootleg Apartments

The amnesty program will make it easier for landlords caught renting illegal units to continue housing those tenants; the bill seeks to better address the hundreds of illegal units that building inspectors find each year throughout Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is One of the Worst Cities For Renters

Forbes has ranked the best and worst cities for renters and Los Angeles comes out close to the top of the "worst list," trailing only New York City and three Bay Area metros. Rents and rent increases are high in LA, while vacancies and wages are low.

Report: Los Angeles Rents Are Going to 'Soar'

The 2016 USC Casden Multifamily Forecast predicts that, for at least the next two years, vacancy rates will "continue their gradual decline" and rents will continue their upward climb, despite lots of construction.

Where to Rent in Los Angeles Right Now

Rents in March weren't too far past the rents in February, but year over year they've made huge jumps. Meanwhile, the city as a whole has zoomed past Chicago to become the seventh most expensive rental market in the US.

LA's Most Expensive Neighborhoods For Two-Bedrooms

Westwood wildly high rents have unseated Marina del Rey in the top spot for now, but the 10 priciest neighborhoods for two-bedrooms span a great deal of the city. It's one thing with roommates, but what about a family?

Airbnb Driving Down Hotel Prices in Los Angeles

A study shows a 42 percent increase in the number of Airbnb rentals in just seven months. Meanwhile, hotel prices have stagnated in areas with a large number of short-term rentals available.

Rents Already Soaring Along LA's Unopened Expo Line

Prices close to the light rail stations that will open in May have risen as much as 45 percent in the past year. One interesting exception to this trend: downtown Santa Monica. Rents along other new lines are shooting up too.

LA is Getting Even Less Affordable For Renters

The number of severely rent burdened Angelenos has shot up more than in any other US metro area.

The 10 Most Popular LA Rental Neighborhoods

Fun, walkable Koreatown tops the list.

Landlords Get Greedy With Bootleg Unit Amnesty

The city wants to give amnesty to illegal units, but it also wants those units to stay affordable.

The Rent/Buy Breakeven Point For Every Los Angeles Neighborhood

LA Teachers Can Only Afford 8.7 Percent of LA Houses