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Los Angeles Rental Market

Downtown LA’s vacancy rate hits 17-year high

With so many units on the market, landlords are giving out free parking—and free rent.

LA rental prices increase for the seventh month straight

Median rents in the city of LA jumped 5 percent over the past year, outpacing average increases at the state and national level.

Report: The number of new apartments built in LA is up 61 percent

More than 10,000 units were built in countywide over the last year, with plenty more on the way—but will it make an impact on rental prices?

Rents in the Valley are rising a bit faster than in the rest of LA

It’s still a bit cheaper to rent in the Valley, but prices are creeping up—especially in Encino and Reseda.

Study: If rents rise 5%, 2,000 Angelenos could be pushed onto the streets

The study projects the median rent in the LA metro area will jump 4.5 percent next year.

Rents rise in LA for the sixth month in a row

A new report shows that median prices have increased half a percent between June and July and are up nearly 5 percent since last year.

Curbed Comparisons: What $2,050 rents you in LA right now

From Silver Lake to San Pedro, we’ve selected five contenders for best $2,050 apartment.

LA rental prices have spiked 5 percent in the last year

That’s well above both national and statewide averages, but far below increases seen in nearby cities like Pomona.

LA considers making it harder for landlords to evict tenants from newer buildings

Right now, landlords must have "just cause" to evict tenants from rent-controlled units. But they can boot renters from market-rate properties with greater ease.

Here’s where you’ll find the highest and lowest rental prices around the LA area

The highest median prices are in Santa Monica, according to rental website Zumper—but Venice isn’t far behind.

Report: LA is the nation’s most unaffordable housing market—and prices will keep rising

Though the cost of housing is higher in other cities, median income in LA is low enough that more residents will struggle to make monthly rental payments or save to buy a home.

Downtown LA added 7,551 apartments in the last six years

But the tide could potentially be turning toward even less construction at a time when the city needs to increase its housing supply.

LA rents have surged 4.5 percent since last year

Rents rose 3.9 percent across the rest of California over the same time period—and just 2.6 percent nationwide.

Report says LA County needs more than 500,000 units of affordable housing

The report finds that rents have risen 32 percent since 2000, while household income for renters has actually dropped off 3 percent.

LA will allow landlords to rent out unpermitted apartments—if they also provide affordable housing

The new rules are meant to protect the city’s housing stock, but will building owners take advantage?

LA’s most and least expensive rental neighborhoods, mapped

How much you pay for a two-bedroom in Los Angeles will depend on which ‘hood you settle down in.

LA now has the nation’s fifth-highest rental prices

With the median rental price rising to $2,090 per month, the city has beaten Oakland for a place in the rankings of the top five most expensive markets.

Pasadena closes loophole that allowed landlords to skimp on relocation fees

For more than a decade, landlords avoiding paying move-out fees to low- and moderate-income tenants when they were evicted.

At HiFi’s new 333B, studios rent for over $2,000

At the new development on Temple Street, the priciest unit is a three-bedroom that rents for over $6,000 a month.

LA rental prices rose 3 percent last month

That’s for one-bedrooms. The median price for a two-bedroom unit is also up—and if only two-bedroom rates were considered, LA would be the third-most expensive city in the U.S., behind San Francisco and New York.

LA is one of the top U.S. cities where millennials want to be

Why? Good jobs and stuff to do, says online listings site

LA’s cheapest and most expensive rental neighborhoods

Median monthly rents in the area range from $1,010 in Central-Alameda to $3,000 in Santa Monica

Santa Ana, Long Beach make list of top rent hikes in U.S.

In Long Beach, rents rose 2.6 percent in last month, ApartmentList found.

Four in 10 LA millennials live with their parents

LA ranks fourth among U.S. metro areas, according to a new report. Many millennials don’t earn enough to live on their own.

Updated: A Q&A with LA eviction defense lawyer Daniel Bramzon

The outspoken attorney talks about his experience defending tenants amid Los Angeles’s growing affordable housing crisis.

LA is the 4th worst city in the U.S. for renters

A new list from Forbes weighs average monthly rent (in LA, that’s $1,938), change in rent between 2015 and 2016 (it went up 2.4 percent in that time), vacancy rate (a low 2.9 percent), and share of household income spent on rent (37 percent).

LA rents are the 6th priciest in the country

A new analysis from rental listing website Zumper ranks Los Angeles as the sixth priciest rental market nationwide, tied with Oakland and behind San Francisco, New York, Boston, San Jose, and Washington D.C.

Los Angeles has the fourth-highest percentage of renters in the nation

Almost 54 percent of homes are renter occupied, according to a new study. The only three urban areas with a higher share of renters are either college towns or located next to a military base.

Report predicts LA rents will keep rising in 2017

As already low vacancy rates fall to just 2.6 percent, the forecast suggests that rents in the city will increase by more than five percent over the coming year.

Federal data shows LA-area rents rose 5 percent in 2016

That’s a bit higher than the national increase of four percent. Rents appear to be rising quite quickly in Long Beach, where prices are catching up with much more expensive Los Angeles.

New report says Santa Monica has the nation’s highest rental prices

A new rental report lists the city as the most expensive rental market in the United States, with median monthly prices of nearly $5,000. Venice isn’t too far behind.

LA remains the seventh-most expensive rental market in the U.S.

Prices are up more than five percent citywide, but have fallen off in a few upscale markets, including Downtown. Has supply outpaced demand in the rapidly growing neighborhood?

LA rents staying right where they are

A new report from rental website Zumper shows that, while prices in some of the most expensive rental markets in the U.S. are falling, Los Angeles rents are pretty much staying put. In Long Beach, meanwhile, rents have jumped 13 percent.

LA rents fell in October, but not by much

Rental prices in the Los Angeles area are still up for the year, but dropped off in October for the first time in months. The decrease probably won’t last.

Fewer young people are living in LA, and high housing costs are likely to blame

There’s a lot working against millennials who want to put down roots in Los Angeles, where housing costs are highs and wages are sluggish.

More than half of LA residents are paying too much for rent

According to a new report from rental listing website Abodo, the city is fifth in the nation in terms of renters putting more than 30 percent of their income toward housing.

LA’s cheapest, most expensive neighborhoods for renters

The median cost of rent in October in the city of Los Angeles was $1,890. That's up 3 percent over the same time last year.

Rents falling nationally, but LA hasn’t noticed

A new report from rental tracking website Zumper shows that rental prices are falling across the country. But in Los Angeles, this trend hasn't caught on yet, and prices for both one and two-bedroom apartments rose last month.

LA developers on pace to build highest number of apartments in two decades

Multifamily residential development is booming in Los Angeles, according to a new market analysis from real estate firm Marcus and Millichap. More than twice the units constructed in 2015 are set to open by the end of 2016.