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Los Angeles Rental Market

LA is losing thousands of affordable apartments for lower-income residents

Most affordable apartments are only guaranteed to stay that way for a few decades.

Glendale now requiring landlords to pay relocation fees when hiking rents

It’s not rent control, but it’s similar.

Here’s how much it costs to rent in LA right now

Rental prices aren’t budging in 2019.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy in Los Angeles?

A new report crunches the numbers.

Rents still flat in LA, despite low vacancies

Apartment prices haven’t changed in the last two months.

What $2,500 rents in LA right now

See what that price gets in five Los Angeles neighborhoods, including a beautiful castle apartment in Hollywood.

Who’s moving out—and into—Los Angeles?

New report looks at where new residents are coming from and where outgoing residents are headed.

Rental prices still holding steady, with one-bedrooms going for $1,370

Prices are still higher than they were a year ago, but not by much.

LA leaders seek to expand rent control

But without passage of a key ballot measure, that could be tricky.

USC report says average LA rents will go up $91 by 2020

"What we find is depressing," the report’s authors say.

LA rental prices sat tight in September

Rents are finally leveling off.

UC Berkeley report defends rent control in California cities

"Only rent control will provide a near-term solution" to the state’s affordable housing crisis, the authors say.

Accounting for housing costs, California has nation’s highest poverty rate

A new report suggests 19 percent of Californians are impoverished—likely due to pricy rents and soaring real estate values.

Housing costs eat up more income in LA than any other major U.S. city

A new report illustrates how unaffordable homes and apartments have become.

Los Angeles may provide attorneys to tenants facing eviction

Tenants who "deserve it" would get legal help, official says.

LA’s rate of homeownership is one of the lowest in the nation, study finds

In LA, 64 percent of households rent instead of own.

How much does it cost to rent in LA right now?

Median one-bedroom price: $1,360.

LA rents continue to flatline

In the city of Los Angeles, the median rental price stands at $1,360.

As rents soar in Warner Center, LA considers new affordable housing requirements

Average rental prices in the area went up 33 percent in five years.

Can LA build its way out of its housing crisis?

It may not be easy.

LA rental prices are on an upward crawl

But the trend toward higher rents is slowing.

Report: LA needs nearly 600,000 new units of affordable housing

Affordable housing production might pick back up again—but it won’t be enough to close the gap.

Would a new Amazon headquarters make housing even more expensive in LA?

The company could bring its new headquarters to Los Angeles.

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The 7 best rental apps for LA apartment hunting

These apps can make apartment hunting a little less painful.

Why have LA rental prices stopped rising?

After years of growth, the cost of rent may be plateauing.

Downtown LA apartments are finally filling up

Fewer new units may be contributing to a big drop in the neighborhood’s vacancy rate.

3,255 LA renters were evicted in 2016—and that’s sort of good news

LA’s eviction rate is low compared to other U.S. cities.

LA rental prices aren’t going anywhere in 2018

Most renters haven’t seen monthly payments rise or fall since last year.

The cost of renting in LA is holding steady in 2018

But Los Angeles is the sixth most unaffordable rental market in the nation.

How much does it cost to rent in LA?

Prices haven’t budged much since the summer, but they’re still very high compared with the rest of the country.

The best and worst months to sign a new lease in Los Angeles

A new report says prices are 4 percent cheaper in late fall than they are in summer.

Finally, a bit of good news about the cost of renting in LA

Experts say prices may finally start to drop in 2018.

Here’s how much it costs to rent all across LA

Rents are highest in Santa Monica, but prices vary wildly neighborhood to neighborhood.

The cost of renting in LA dipped again in November

For the second month in a row, the median price of rent fell in LA (but not by a lot).

Report: Los Angeles is the 6th most unaffordable city in the U.S.

Nationwide, Los Angeles ranks near the bottom in terms of affordability, with almost one-third of renters putting more than half their income toward rent.

LA rents went down—yes, down—in October

The decrease was slight, but ended eight straight months in which the cost of rent went up or stayed the same.

How much more will it cost to rent in LA in two years?

A USC study projects major rent hikes across Southern California, as rates of homeownership stagnate.

Section 8 housing list to reopen for the first time in 13 years

It’s estimated that 600,000 people will sign up for the vouchers.

In LA, the soaring cost of rent finally plateaus

A new report finds that median prices held steady in September. But how long will that last?