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Los Angeles Real Estate Market Reports

News, analysis, and trends in LA's housing market.

Would a new Amazon headquarters make housing even more expensive in LA?

The company could bring its new headquarters to Los Angeles.

It takes a salary of over $110K to afford a typical home in LA

72 percent of LA residents can’t afford that, according to a new report.

Buying in LA has never been pricier

In March, the record was shattered for the second month in a row.

San Fernando Valley home prices shatter all-time record

With a median price of $700K, the region has never been more expensive for homebuyers.

LA home prices shoot up in February, hit new record

Houses have never been more expensive; can prices keep rising?

Report: LA home prices are ‘overvalued’

The cost of owning a home is outpacing the ability of buyers to pay for one.

Welcome news for LA homebuyers: Prices actually went down in January

But low supply may keep prices from dropping further.

75 percent of LA residents can’t afford to buy in LA

It takes a yearly income of $111,730 to make monthly payments on a typical LA County home.

It costs $50K more to buy a house in LA now than it did a year ago

The median sale price ticked up again in December, finishing the year at $570,000.

San Fernando Valley home prices hit a record high in 2017

Low supply may be driving up values. At year’s end, only 819 homes in the entire region were on the market.

Which LA neighborhoods are homebuyers flocking to?

Sales are picking up in Marina del Rey; in Westwood and Century City, not so much.

In LA, more than one-third of homes now sell above asking price

Competition among homebuyers is heating up, even as prices continue to climb.

Buying a house in Los Angeles in 2018: ‘Be prepared for heartbreak’

Prices are on the rise and competition is fierce, say real estate insiders.

How much does it cost to buy a home in LA?

Prices across Southern California are as high as they’ve ever been.

LA’s most expensive neighborhoods in 2017

The priciest homes are in The Colony, a gated enclave that counts a number of celebrities among its residents, including Tom Hanks, Rob Reiner, and John McEnroe.

LA County home prices dipped to $565K in October

That’s good news for buyers, but those searching for a starter home might still be in trouble.

15% of LA residents are house hunting in other cities

A new report says that more Angelenos are looking to buy outside the city than the number of non-locals thinking about moving in.

Here’s where condo sales are heating up around LA

A new map from the MLS shows where buyers are scooping up condos.

Condo prices are skyrocketing in Downtown LA

The median sale price rose $90,000 last year, according to a new report.

Record high home prices staying put in LA County

For the third month in a row, the region’s median sale price was $575,000 in September.

No relief for homebuyers in LA as prices climbed again in August

For the fifth month in a row, the median price reached an all-time high.

How much does it cost to buy near the Expo Line?

The train passes through some of the highest—and lowest—priced areas in LA. Here’s what homes go for in each of those neighborhoods.

LA home prices hit a record high in July—again

The median sale price in LA County climbed to $575,000 in July—the highest ever recorded. It’s the fourth month in a row that prices have climbed to a new all-time high.

This hillside house broke Echo Park’s sales record

Sitting on just over half an acre, it features sustainably harvested wood floors and custom window shades that cast beautiful shadows.

Mapped: Where condo prices are rising and falling around LA

Median sale prices are up in Mid-Wilshire and Pacific Palisades, but down in Silver Lake and Echo Park.

How much does it cost to buy in the Valley?

"Not a lot of people are willing to sell their homes right now, and a lot of people want to buy."

Mapped: Where LA home prices are on the way up—and down

Home prices are skyrocketing in Playa del Rey, but in other communities, including Culver City, prices have dropped since last year.

LA home sales booming despite a steady rise in prices, says report

After a largely lackluster 2016, 2017 so far has been "a release of pent-up demand."

Report: LA’s median home price climbs—yet again—to new record high

There just aren’t enough homes available on the market, and there’s plenty of demand.

Mapped: LA's most popular neighborhoods for homebuyers

Home prices around the city are reaching record levels, but some neighborhoods are hotter—or colder—than others.

Report: Median income earners in LA can afford less than 7 percent of homes on the market

A new study from Redfin says the share of houses typical Angelenos can afford to buy has dropped dramatically in recent years.

In LA, all-cash homebuyers are rich kids, tech workers, say experts

KPCC reports that the days of foreign and domestic investors making up a good chunk of cash-only buyers have passed.

LA close to bringing back program to help first-time homebuyers

Under the program, low and middle-income earners would receive loans of between $50,000 and $90,000 to help cover a down payment.

Report: LA millennials have the lowest rate of homeownership in the nation

According to a new study, it would take the typical millennial in Los Angeles around 32 years to save for a down payment.

LA County’s median home price bests pre-recession record

The median price of a home is now 560,000, thanks to high demand and short supply.

Report: LA is the nation’s most unaffordable housing market—and prices will keep rising

Though the cost of housing is higher in other cities, median income in LA is low enough that more residents will struggle to make monthly rental payments or save to buy a home.

LA County median home price ties an all-time high

Prices rose to $550,000 in April. That’s equal to the record set in August of 2007—right before the subprime mortgage crisis caused home values to nosedive.

What salary do you need to afford a home in LA?

LA County is still far more affordable than many other parts of the state. In San Francisco, even a starter home requires an income of $167,800.

In the LA area, homeowners now outnumber renters

Still, the homeownership rate is one of the lowest in the U.S. Only New York and San Jose have a higher percentage of renters.