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Buying a Home in Los Angeles

Savvy strategies for setting a budget, securing a mortgage, and finding the right home for you.

11 Los Angeles realtors to follow if you love beautiful homes

Fall down a rabbit hole of rainbow-colored Art Deco tile and midcentury dreamboats.

Should you buy a home in LA in 2020?

The decision to buy a home in a region in the throes of a housing crisis is much more than a financial one. And it’s not one that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no."

What to know about gentrification before buying a house in Los Angeles

Plus: How to be a good neighbor in a gentrifying city.

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Where to live in LA in 2020

In increasingly expensive LA, choosing where to live can be tough. We’re here to help.

The Curbed Los Angeles moving guide

Everything you need to know to make the city your home.

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Across LA, 13 cute starter homes for sale right now

From Long Beach to Burbank, and all priced at $699,000 or less.

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How to pick a neighborhood in Los Angeles

In a city as big as LA, the options are almost endless. Here are 12 things that will help you decide.

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The Los Angeles homebuying guide

Everything you need to know before launching a house hunt in LA.

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Should you move to LA?

15 pieces of advice on neighborhoods, transportation, and cost of living for anyone considering a move to Los Angeles.

LA home prices plateaued in 2019—but they could keep climbing in 2020

The median sale price in the city of Los Angeles last year? $817,000.

What to expect when buying a house in Los Angeles in 2020

Will home prices drop? Forecasts vary, but local real estate agents say probably not.

You need to earn $127K to afford a home in LA

Only 25 percent of residents countywide can afford the purchase.

Report: Inglewood home prices skyrocket 63 percent

"It’s popping over here," one real estate agent says.

TICs are changing LA’s housing market—for better, and worse

There’s a new, more affordable way of buying property in Los Angeles.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy in Los Angeles?

A new report crunches the numbers.

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What it’s like to buy a house in LA

A Los Angeles native solicits expert advice and details what it’s like to find a home on a budget of $480,000.

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Buying vacant lots in LA: 6 things to know

You can buy vacant land in LA and still find yourself living a version of "The Money Pit." Here are some tips on how to avoid that.