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Los Angeles Gentrification

Los Angeles's Totally Unexpected New Hipster 'Hood Frontiers

Huge Chunk of Echo Park's Sunset and Alvarado Being Sold as Development Opportunity

LAPD Hassling Homeless People On Behalf of Rich Downtown Gentrifiers

City Helping Frogtown Put the Brakes on the Development 'Feeding Frenzy' Along the LA River

Westlake's Wilshire Royale Getting Gentrification Makeover and Neon Sign Re-Lighting

Developers Flipping Rent-Controlled Echo Park Bungalow Site for $2.6M

Is Push to Join the National Register Just an Excuse For Whiteification in LA's Black Beverly Hills?

Silver Lake Whole Foods: Opening Date and Details REVEALED

Three Highland Park Residents on Their 'Hood's Inescapable Gentrification

Frogtown Mulling Strict New Rules For Building on the LA River

This One-Bedroom Stucco Hut in Venice is Asking $2.2 Million

Here's How Frogtown Wants Its Inevitable Gentrification To Go

23 Years Later, Fallow LA Riots Site in South LA Will Become a Flashy Shopping Center

Could the LA River Play a Key Role in Helping LA Meet Its Housing Goals?

South LA Might Change Its Name to SOLA

Fancy SoHo House Already Attracting More Development to Southern Arts District

More Half-Million-Dollar Townhouses Headed For Highland Park

Six Revealing Sidewalk Talks on "the Coolest Block in America"

Occidental College Getting in on York Boulevard Gentrification

Arts District Artists Surprised to Find Out They're Getting Evicted For a SoHo House

New Arts District SoHo House Will Replace Actual Artists

Echo Park Enters Late-Stage Yuppification With Permit Parking

Enormous Arts District Site Sells to Developer of Suburban Master-Planned Communities

Fake Arts District Craiglist Ad Seeks Annoying Gentrifiers

Mapping the Great LA Gentrification Wave of the 2000s

Big Mixed-User Headed to Non-Hip Stretch of South Silver Lake