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Los Angeles Gentrification

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Mapping the changes on Westlake’s horizon

Twenty-one high-profile projects are headed for the neighborhood that has so far resisted gentrification.

What to know about gentrification before buying a house in Los Angeles

Plus: How to be a good neighbor in a gentrifying city.

Inspired by Nipsey Hussle, they’re trying to ‘buy back’ South LA

Residents are meeting up each month to learn about buying property as a way to build generational wealth.

‘We are at war’: Crenshaw residents organizing to fight development

The Crenshaw Subway Coalition has a new base for community organizing in Leimert Park village.

Is a bike tour through West Adams a sign of gentrification?

"West Adams is selling fast," says the real estate agent who led the tour.

Developer who launched Downtown loft bonanza now buying in Chinatown

Tom Gilmore has spent nearly $30 million scooping up properties in the neighborhood.

Suspect arrested in connection with anti-gentrification graffiti in El Sereno

Activists say he should win an award for "best public art" in 2019.

Boyle Heights mariachis, landlord cut deal ending months-long rent strike

The deal will allow residents to negotiate with their landlord as a union. It could be a model for other LA renters to follow.

The future of Historic Filipinotown

What will become of the changing neighborhood—and who gets to decide its fate?

Creating a ‘design district’ in Westlake is bound to cause displacement, activists say

Under the proposal, commercial corridors in Westlake and HiFi would be subject to new design standards.

‘Variety’ owner wants to turn a black church in Venice into a residential compound

Some members of the century-old church are trying to stop him.

Enormous development planned for south of 10 freeway is for sale

The owners of the potentially pioneering development formerly known as The Reef are looking to either sell the property or find someone to help them develop it.

Along the Crenshaw Line, trepidation and excitement

The new light rail line will open in 2019, changing communities from Leimert Park to Inglewood—for better or worse.

New documentary explores gentrification in LA

Boyle Heights, Long Beach, and South Central LA are three of the communities highlighted in the KCET doc.

Venice Beach Freakshow closing after a decade on the boardwalk

All the businesses in the boardwalk building are reportedly being pushed out except for Snapchat.

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Building a Downtown LA for everyone

How does a city keep one of its hottest neighborhoods from becoming just another enclave of the superrich?

Targeted by anti-gentrification activists, Boyle Heights art gallery shutters

Activists have succeeded in forcing out one gallery: "We hope the rest of the galleries follow the example set by PSSST [and] leave Boyle Heights."

Why doesn’t MacArthur Park gentrify?

LA’s second-densest neighborhood has a Metro station, a central park, and a prime location next to Downtown LA, but it also has a long history of overcrowding, underinvestment, and lack of basic resources.

The last artists’ haven in Los Angeles

As skyrocketing rents in Los Angeles continue to squeeze renters farther into the outskirts of the city, the Antelope Valley is positioned to become a new frontier for emerging artists—if they can get over its terrible reputation.

'Gente-fied' will bring Boyle Heights to Sundance Film Festival

Gente-fied—a seven-episode video series dealing with the hot topic of gentrification in Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights neighborhood—will screen at the Sundance Film Festival next year.

New web series ‘Gente-fied’ tells the story of gentrification in Boyle Heights

The bilingual show was shot on and around Boyle Heights' historic 1st Street. The show’s costar told Curbed, "it humanizes an issue that otherwise ... if it doesn't touch you directly, then you wouldn't turn to look at it and to think about it."

LAPD investigating tagging of Boyle Heights art galleries as possible hate crime

But activists say the real hate crime is gentrification

Striking renters in Highland Park handed eviction notices

Earlier this year, a group of renters in Highland Park's Marmion Royal apartments went on a rental strike to protest price increases of up to $1,000. Now, after a back-and-forth with their landlord, many of those tenants are facing possible eviction

Should the Arts District still be called the Arts District when artists can’t afford to live there?

The neighborhood has gone through a radical change, transforming from a refuge for artists into a hot spot for real estate developers. Good luck luck living in the Arts District on an artist’s salary today.

This map shows where gentrification is happening across Los Angeles

Researchers want their new map to shine a light on the "the pressures associated with development."

Venice Beach wants to leave Los Angeles

The seaside neighborhood, once known for its weirdness and diversity, has gentrified into a wealthy tech enclave. As old and new residents fight for their visions of Venice, could secession from LA be next?

Boyle Heights activists want to banish all art galleries

They fear planners, politicians, and developers are using the flourishing art scene to rebrand their neighborhood: "We know that if the galleries go up, the value of the properties go up."

Gentrification and the Laundromat in Los Angeles

The Lucy's laundromat in the heart of Echo Park has ended its 17-year run to make way for a new, fancier retail complex with much higher rents. As housing prices rise, laundromats that primarily serve low-income residents are in danger.

Boyle Heights Battling Fiercely Against Gentrification

A new story illustrates the lengths some community groups are going to in order to keep gentrifying forces from irrevocably changing Boyle Heights. One organization has shut down a walking tour and run opera singers out of a park.

Key Chunk of Echo Park Getting Gentrification Makeover

Nearly the entire southwest corner of Sunset and Alvarado has sold, the tenants are all moving out, and the new owner plans to create Sunset+Mohawk, a "retail compound" that will no doubt be charging much higher rents.

Here's How Los Angeles Is Re-Segregating

A recent study found that huge swaths of the LA are on the way to becoming more segregated. One of the study's author explains in an op-ed how this is playing out and where in LA this trend is most visible.

Everyone Mad About Ultra Passive-Aggressive Sign

A construction sign in Highland Park is asking neighbors fed up with construction noise to convert their anger into gratitude for the skyrocketing housing values that are forcing many longtime residents out of the area.

Watch the Badass Women Bicyclists of Boyle Heights

The all-female bike crew Ovarian Psyco-Cycle fights against gentrification.

Get to Know the Multi-Talented Mayor of LA's Skid Row

Activist, neighborhood council member, hip hop artist.

Study: LA Neighborhoods Are Re-Segregating

LA is still the most integrated of the US's four biggest cities, but it's getting less integrated over time.

This Rooftop Ship Replica is Also a Gentrification Metaphor

See the recreation of the Endurance that's been built on top of an El Sereno gallery.

Skid Row Braces as Downtown LA's Industrial District Makes Plans to Gentrify

Huge Chinatown Mixed-Use Project Ditches Its 20-Story Towers

The Future LA Rams Stadium is Already Driving a Real Estate Feeding Frenzy in Inglewood