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Los Angeles Filming Locations

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The ultimate ‘Terminator 2’ filming locations map, baby

Come with us if you want a guide to the movie that turned LA into a hellish inferno, with scenes filmed in such iconic spots as the Sixth Street Bridge.

The Valley motel that always steals the show

Thrust back into the spotlight in the Netflix hit "GLOW," the motel is a must-see for midcentury architecture fans.

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How ’80s pop culture typecast the Valley

The region was overlooked in movies and music for years until Frank Zappa and ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ came along

The Prince is a must-visit for film lovers

It’s an increasingly rare breed in the City of Angels: a period restaurant that allows filming.

The Bradbury Building before ‘Blade Runner’

Before it was immortalized in countless movies, the fantastic building in Downtown Los Angeles was a bustling civic center that embraced all of the drama Los Angeles had to offer.

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Updated: 25 places in LA where ‘Twin Peaks’ was filmed

David Lynch, a longtime Los Angeles resident, set his provocative TV show in the Pacific Northwest, but filmed many of the scenes right here in Los Angeles.

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The definitive ‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ filming locations map

With help from the show’s production designer Judy Becker, we’ve mapped the surprising Los Angeles locations where the riveting drama was filmed from Guido’s to the Palace Theatre.

Van Nuys hangar from ‘Casablanca’ may be restored at last

The Valley Relics Museum is offering to restore it and incorporate it into a new building at Van Nuys Airport, where it may become part of a Moroccan-themed restaurant.

‘La La Land’ needed more praise, so it’s officially ‘La La Land’ Day in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles, powerless against the vanilla charm of A-list movie stars engaging in Gene Kelly cosplay, is heaping yet another honor on the film.

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The ultimate filming location map to 'La La Land'

"La La Land," which won a record seven Golden Globe awards, captures the sweetest version of Los Angeles with its cotton candy sunsets, iconic architecture, neon signs, quiet streets, and towering palm trees.

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2017 Oscars: 'La La Land,' a love letter to Los Angeles, is a Best Picture favorite

Curbed LA's coverage of the Academy Awards in Hollywood, from the history to the set-up to road closures and 2017 Oscar-favorite, La La Land. The 89th Annual Academy Awards starts at 5:30 p.m. PST and will held at the Dolby Theatre.

Inside the energetic opening of ‘La La Land’

Here’s how it came together.

'La La Land' inspires Hermosa Beach to consider lighting up its pier

The city is talking about installing streetlamps to the pier, where Ryan Gosling sings "City of Stars."

‘Boogie Nights’ house comes up for sale

Jack Horner’s sweet midcentury pad from Paul Thomas Anderson’s classic LA film is on the market asking $1.5 million, and it looks just as groovy (and frozen-in-time) as you could possibly hope.

LA’s starring role in ‘La La Land’

Director Damien Chazelle tells the New York Times that LA is "a city that reveals itself bit by bit, like an onion, if you take the time to explore it."

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19 LA buildings made famous in spooky movies and TV shows

Which LA 'Hoods Are Angriest About Film Shoots?

There 2,929 filming-related complaints filed last year, mostly by neighbors mad about how frequent filming was and how it messed with their parking. But who was the complainiest? With a total of 482 official grips, the winner is...

The Complicated Landscape of the LA Stoner Comedy

Stoner comedy was born in LA and its elements are embedded in the DNA of the city: the vast system of well-patrolled roadways inevitably attracts the high, the paranoid, the awe-seeking, and the poor schmucks being chased down by the LAPD.

Can You Still Live the Swingers Lifestyle in LA?

It's been 20 years since the release of Swingers, a movie that perfectly captured a very specific time (the mid-nineties) and place (Los Feliz and environs). Is it still possible to live like Mikey, Trent, and the gang in the Los Angeles of 2016?

The Sixth Street Viaduct's 8 Greatest Appearances in Movies, Music Videos, and Video Games

Rent a Suite in the Classic Real World: Los Angeles House For $145 a Night

More Filming in LA Means More Complaints About Filming in LA

Missy Elliott's Ungentrified Guide to Downtown Los Angeles

Montecito's Scarface Mansion Finally Sells at Huge Discount

You Can Buy Kid 'n Play's House Party House For $739,000

Watch the Iconic Bonaventure Hotel's Dystopian Journey Through Film History

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The Ultimate True Detective Season Two Filming Location Map

Three Los Angeles Locations With Starring Roles in the Straight Outta Compton Movie

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True Detective Season 2: Mapping the Real Places of Vinci and Beyond

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The Ultimate Clueless Map Guide to Los Angeles

Finally Yo La Tengo Destroys Silver Lake in Hipster Apocalypse

What's Up With the Gorgeous House Where Rihanna Tortures a Dude in "BBHMM"?

All About the Troubled Little City That True Detective is About to Make Famous

How Much Would Romy & Michele Pay For Their Apartment in Venice Today?

What Would the Giant Arts District Apartment From New Girl Rent For?

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The Monster Mad Men Filming Map of Los Angeles

Early Bike Mogul's Grand Mansion in Pasadena Lists for $5.6M

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Mapping the 1920s Los Angeles Filming Locations of Harold Lloyd's Silent Film Safety Last!

Before and After at Starbucks's 1935 Gas Station Remodel