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Los Angeles Filming Locations

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The ultimate ‘Chinatown’ filming location map of Los Angeles

The essential Los Angeles film was released 45 years ago today.

The feel-good dystopian movie that captures a deserted Los Angeles

The 1980s B-movie "Night of the Comet" captures an empty city.

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The ultimate ‘Back to the Future’ filming locations map

The classic time travel movie was shot all around Los Angeles.

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‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’: Mapping Tarantino’s LA fairytale

The director recreated 1960s Los Angeles in spectacular detail.

How did ‘Blade Runner’ stick as the vision of LA's future?

The sci-fi masterpiece got a few things right about LA in 2019.

How the LA landscape shaped film noir

Full of movie stars, newly built tract houses, and coveted manufacturing jobs, Los Angeles was a perfect target for the genre’s sneering cynicism.

These 1920s apartments inspired one of the best noir films ever made

For the set of In a Lonely Place, director Nicholas Ray recreated one of his first Hollywood homes.

The gorgeous apartments that became the symbol of LA noir

Raymond Chandler cemented the Bryson Apartment Hotel’s legacy.

The real-life tower that made ‘Die Hard’

Nakatomi Tower is really Fox Plaza in Century City, an example of 1980s power architecture at its finest.

Film history was made at Culver Studios. Now Amazon is moving in.

The arrival of new media giants like Amazon are cementing Culver City as a center of entertainment.

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The horror movie map of LA

Seek these filming locations out at your own peril.

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‘This Is Us’: A filming locations map you can ugly-cry to

The NBC series is set in Pittsburgh and New York—but it’s filmed in LA.

HGTV’s restoration of Brady Bunch house unveiled—and they didn’t mess it up

The recreations are extraordinarily detailed.

HGTV will reveal Brady Bunch house makeover in new show

The Studio City house is now a replica of the original TV set design.

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‘Vaya Con Dios’: It’s the Point Break map of Los Angeles

For those who didn’t grow up here, Point Break is the ultimate cinematic expression of the Los Angeles experience.

Rent Reese Witherspoon’s beach house from ‘Big Little Lies’

The Northern California-set show used this LA beach house as a filming location.

When two Angelenos buy a farm—they make a must-see documentary about it

The Biggest Little Farm is heartfelt and visually stunning.

With ‘Bad Guy,’ Billie Eilish shines a spotlight on the Valley’s Balboa Highlands

The midcentury modern neighborhood built by Joseph Eichler has a starring role.

‘Bosch’ is a modern noir that showcases an unadorned LA

The Amazon series is inextricably linked with the city.

How ’90s movies redefined the real Los Angeles

The 1980s churned out crowd-pleasing fantasies. Then came the 1990s and movies like "Boyz N the Hood."

The fabulous Florence Yoch

To design the shaded splendors of Tara, producer David O. Selznick had only one person in mind: Florence Yoch.

Sneak peek at the future of Skid Row’s once-beautiful Fire Station No. 23

After languishing for years, the opulent old firehouse, which appeared in Ghostbusters, is about to make a comeback.

Paramount Ranch, destroyed in Woolsey Fire, will be rebuilt

The Western movie set might be up and running again in two years.

HGTV kicks off Brady Bunch home makeover

The network has plans to nearly double the size of the Studio City ranch house.

Here’s the real-life ‘A Star Is Born’ house

Bradley Cooper’s home from the star-studded film is actually this Calabasas charmer built in the 1970s.

Seductive Spanish-style from ‘L.A. Confidential’ asks $3.5M

The Hancock Park home played a key role in the 1997 film.

HGTV paid $1.6M above asking price for the Brady Bunch House

The network plans to "restore it to its 1970s glory."

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The ‘Insecure’ filming locations map

The hit comedy—which returns this weekend for Season 3—captures what it’s really like to live in Los Angeles.

Quentin Tarantino is filming on Hollywood Boulevard, and it feels like a ’60s time machine

The production of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood recreated the old theaters and storefronts with astonishing detail.

The Brady Bunch house is up for grabs for $1.9M

No, there won’t be an open house.

‘Glow’ takes LA back to the ’80s

Set and shot in the Valley, the Netflix show captures the look and feel of an iconic era.

Joan Crawford’s mansion from ‘Feud’ can be yours for $7M

Designed by Paul R. Williams in 1938, the gorgeous time capsule is on the market for the first time in more than six decades.

The complete list of Los Angeles destruction movies

Filmmakers love to destroy LA.

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The big ‘Boogie Nights’ filming locations map

In 1997, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights flipped the Valley’s image on its head by filling its backyard swimming pools not with sex-crazed teens—but with porn stars.

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ house for sale for $1.4M

It’s being marketed as a development opportunity

How ‘A Wrinkle in Time’s’ LA locations reflect the film’s inclusive spirit

Ava DuVernay brought the book to life in historically underrepresented South LA neighborhoods

How John Marshall High School became a Hollywood star

A slew of iconic films were filmed at John Marshall High School, from Pretty in Pink to Grease.

The weird occult origins of Downtown’s famous Bradbury Building

Legend has it a ghost told the building’s architect to take the job.

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The off-the-record, very hush-hush filming locations for ‘L.A. Confidential’

The 1997 classic exposes rot beneath LA’s glamour.