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Los Angeles Art

WeHo Rooftop covered in 50 mannequins

It’s a statement on the shootings in Orlando, where 50 people died. The artist says he wants to shock and motivate: "I wanted people to see as the biggest shooting in American history, what that might look like."

LA recruits artist to help reduce traffic deaths

Sound artist Alan Nakagawa will work with the city's transit agency on its initiative to eliminate traffic deaths in Los Angeles. Nakagawa wants to teach better etiquette to users of LA's streets and bring art displays to LADOT headquarters.

Purple Rain Falling For Prince in LACMA 'Rain Room'

Artists Random International made the request on Twitter last night and the museum was happy to oblige. Today the rain falls purple in honor and memory of Prince and it's sexy and ethereal just like he would've wanted.

Watch a Street Artist Take on Homelessness in LA

Artist Skid Robot is trying to raise awareness about the rising homeless number of homeless people living in Los Angeles by makes homeless camps look a little more like home. A new video from Fuse offers a glimpse into his creative process.

New LA Library Card Designed by Shepard Fairey

The Los Angeles Public Library's card was long overdue for an update, so known library booster Shepard Fairey and artist Cleon Petersona have designed a new version featuring Downtown's beautiful Central Library.

Famous 'Freeway Lady' Mural Reborn off the Freeway

Kent Twitchell's 1974 "Old Woman of the Freeway" mural was destroyed twice. Plans to bring it to a Sherman Oaks site failed when public art-hating neighbors protested. But now he's finally recreated the famous work at LA Valley College.

Meet the Artists of the LA River Biennial Show

Mayor Eric Garcetti has revealed the artists selected to create pieces for LA's new public art biennial, set to open along the LA River this summer. They work in sound, sculpture, performance, and many other media; here's a look at their art.

Mexico City Gifts LA Selfie-ready Sculpture

One of Los Angeles's sister cities has generously given LA an impressive bronze sculpture by artist Jorge Marin. Consisting of two large wings suspended at shoulder-height, the work of art is set to become an Instagram staple.

LA Gallery Becomes Nuclear Wasteland

Bombs, drugs, and desert plants come together in a new exhibit at the Steve Turner gallery. The pieces are inspired by the long history of nuclear testing in the Southwestern United States.

Glowing Two-Story Rabbits Coming to Downtown LA

A herd of glow-in-the-dark inflatable bunnies will be on display at three Downtown locations in June. The giant creatures are the work of Australian artist Amanda Parer, and, while cute and all, they also have a message to send about the environment.

Adele Performs in LA's Most Instagrammable Room

Her video piece for "When We Were Young" was shot in Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room at The Broad art museum.

This Rooftop Ship Replica is Also a Gentrification Metaphor

See the recreation of the Endurance that's been built on top of an El Sereno gallery.

A Complete Guide to LACMA's First Piece of Architecture, the Most Spectacular House in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is Getting a Big Public Art Biennial on the LA River

Giant Light-Up Photos Commemorate the Armenian Genocide For Grand Park's First Public Art Installation

Watch Chris Burden's Last Finished Work Fly Around LACMA

How Chris Burden's 'Urban Light' became an LA icon

It's hard to imagine Los Angeles before Urban Light, the 202 symmetrically-arranged lampposts, mostly collected from around Los Angeles, that serve as the entrance to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Turning Silver Lake's Neglected Bates Motel Into a Giant Public Art Piece

Santa Monica Museum of Art Moving Out of Santa Monica

Peter Zumthor's New LACMA Redesign is a Lot More Boring

DTLA's Spectacular Hologram Sculpture to Be Switched Back On

Watch a Video Game System Help to Completely Transform the Inside of Disney Hall

Could the Blobby New LACMA Be White Instead of Black?

DTLA's Highest-Profile Mural Getting Much-Needed Restoration

Derelict Bates Motel Might Get Covered in White Powder for Art

Take a Tour of LAX's Surprisingly Impressive Art Collection