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Hollywood Sign

Study for aerial tram to Griffith Park now underway

Multiple developers have proposed building gondolas to the Hollywood Sign.

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The 7 best places to see the Hollywood Sign

The best trails and vistas for viewing LA’s famous landmark.

LA gets serious about aerial tram to Hollywood Sign

It’s one of many proposals the city is considering to cut down on traffic around Griffith Park.

Warner Brothers pitches LA on an aerial tram to the Hollywood Sign

It’s the most fleshed out gondola proposal yet.

Community groups lose fight to reopen trailhead to Hollywood Sign

The Beachwood Canyon gate to Griffith Park has been closed since last year.

New report recommends LA create a second Hollywood sign, facing the Valley

Some of the report’s suggestions are truly outside the box.

Billionaire TV executive, Diane von Furstenberg could pay for Hollywood Sign gondola

The Griffith Park project, which would ferry riders up Mount Lee from the LA Zoo would cost up to $30 million to build.

Remembering how Hugh Hefner saved the Hollywood Sign—twice

The Playboy founder died Wednesday, but his legacy as a protector of the iconic sign lives on.

Hollywood residents find their own solution for reopening Beachwood Canyon

They’re trying to put pressure on the city to reopen Beachwood Drive as a launching point for hiking in Griffith Park and viewing the world-famous Hollywood Sign.

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The Hollywood Sign: A solution to the crisis

The landmark’s neighbors are typical of the powerful movement to privatize public space in LA—can they be stopped?

Mayor Garcetti is mulling the possibility of a gondola to the Hollywood Sign

He says access to the sign is important, but it shouldn’t mean " chok[ing] all of the streets with a thousand tour buses."

‘It belongs to the public’—Friends of Griffith Park wants to join legal battle over Hollywood Sign access

In closing Beachwood Canyon, an attorney says the city and Sunset Ranch Hollywood have "not considered ... the interests of hikers, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the people who care about open space."

Supporters of Beachwood Canyon access to Hollywood Sign plan rally next weekend

The gate’s set to close for good on April 18, but a group that’s in favor of keeping the passage open wants to change that.

Beachwood Canyon closure: 5 things to know about the decision to limit access to the Hollywood Sign

One of the most popular starting points for viewing the Hollywood Sign will soon be shut down to hikers and visitors.

City says it will close popular Beachwood Canyon access to Hollywood Sign

The city will start shutting off pedestrian access to the popular Beachwood Canyon trailhead that leads to some of the best views of LA’s most famous landmark—the Hollywood Sign.

Could this be the home of LA’s future?

This rotating house is the winner of an architectural competition seeking an innovative residential design for a plot of land beneath the Hollywood sign.

Local artists claim responsibility for Hollyweed prank, say the message is to ‘stay youthful’

Los Angeles-based artists Zach Fernandez and Sarah Fern say they altered the sign. "It's about being and staying youthful," they tell Vice. The Hollywood Sign Trust is not amused.

Hollywood Sign tourists have become a problem for Beachwood Canyon business owners

Business owners have their own issues with the heavy influx of tourists trying to get a peek at LA's most famous landmark. One says the situation is so bad, property values are affected.

Super popular Hollywood Sign trailhead will stay open ... for now

Beachwood Canyon residents are outraged to learn their city councilman won't close the Hollyridge Trail to hikers and tourists.

Hollywood Sign neighbors speak their minds

Residents of Beachwood Canyon voice an array of concerns about tourists and hikers using their neighborhood to access the Hollywood sign in new videos from the Millennial Project. One longtime activist even suggests that the city move the sign.

Video: Why It's So Hard to Get to the Hollywood Sign

A new video from The Millennial Project takes a look at what it's like to try and get up to the Hollywood Sign these days considering all that neighbors have done to block access. The journey begins with notoriously inaccurate Google Maps directions.

Here's the Big Griffith Park Access Plan With Pay Parking and Lots of Shuttle Buses

Hollywood Sign Neighbors Happy to Welcome Tourists as Long as They're Paying Hundreds of Dollars

Hollywood Sign NIMBYs Suing LA to Shut Down All Access

Hollywood Sign Parking Ban Could Go to Seven Days a Week

Hollywood Sign NIMBY Battle Has Spilled Over Into Griffith Park

What if LA Charges Companies to Light Up the Hollywood Sign?

How a Small Group of Neighborhood Activists Have Taken the Hollywood Sign Hostage

So Are the Hollywood Sign Tourist Wars Over Now?

Hollywood Sign Trail Still Closed; Here's How to Use It Anyway

Why Has the Hollywood Sign Trail Been Closed For Five Months?

The LAPD Has Been Enlisted to Fight Hollywood Sign Tourists

A Manure Truck Back to the Futured on Beachwood on Saturday

LA Finally Providing Official Viewing For the Hollywood Sign

Beachwood NIMBY Group Gets Hollywood Sign Trail Shut Down

New Bridge For Baldwin Hills, Hollywood Sign Gates Get Locked

Hollywood Sign Neighbors Fretting Over New iPhone 5 Maps

Upgrades for Sunset Media Tower, Twitter Says @WestwoodIsGreat!, Lake Hollywood Park Tourist Protest

Hang Out In the Restricted Hollywood Sign Area