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Greetings from the front desk

Did you know there are more than 16,932 hotels in LA? If you're checking in, this just might be what you hear.

Some hipsters turned this freeway overpass into a coworking space

A writer teams up with the creators of 5 Every Day to turn a freeway overpass into an office space to change up "the coffee shop thing." But there was still limited seating and wifi, so other than the roar of traffic, it wasn't all that different.

Of Course the Silver Lake Whole Foods Could Have a Tattoo Parlor Inside

Los Angeles's Totally Unexpected New Hipster 'Hood Frontiers

The Arts District's Coolness Was Almost Torpedoed by a Fake Olive Garden

Finally Yo La Tengo Destroys Silver Lake in Hipster Apocalypse

Could Los Feliz and Silver Lake Finally Get a Local Transportation Connection?

Lonely Young Glendale Resident Begging Hipsters to Move In

The Totally Stereotyped But Very Accurate Guide to What Your LA Neighborhood Says About You

Take the Quiz: How Gentrified Is Your Neighborhood?

Cute and Well-Priced Pad Renting in "Residential Hipster Area"

BREAKING: There is Precipitation in SoCal Right Now

Highland Park Hipsters Get Territorial Via WiFi Network Names