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High Speed Rail

Metro leaders eye high-speed rail money for LA transit projects

Metro directors say spending bullet train money in LA would be "more cost effective"

U.S. transportation department says it’s pulling funding for high-speed rail

More trouble for the bullet train from San Francisco to LA

New California governor hits brakes on high-speed rail to LA

"Right now there simply isn’t a path to get from Sacramento to San Diego—let alone from San Francisco to LA," he says.

The 7 transit projects that could transform LA

From subway lines to high-speed rail, these new transit projects could reshape communities—and the entire region.

Metro moves forward with plan to bring more trains in and out of Union Station

New run-through tracks could accommodate up to 278 trains per day, and would ready the station for high-speed rail.

School board member wants LAUSD to fight the California bullet train

The high-speed rail authority is having a hard time finding a route from Burbank to Palmdale that doesn't ruffle feathers. One school board members claims one of the proposed routes will lead to a drop in school enrollment.

Video Shows High-Speed Rail is Really Happening

Construction actually seems to be under way on the much-delayed bullet train, and the California High-Speed Rail Authority has footage to prove it. The new video is apparently all set to delight DMV visitors around the state.

LA Bullet Train Wants to Test-Drill for a Tunnel Under the San Gabriel Mountains

China Stepping In to Build Bullet Train From LA Area to Vegas

Flood Rips Through UCLA, Are Rents Coming Back to Earth?

New Ruling Should Send Billions Flowing to the Bullet Train

LA Bullet Train Could Run in Tunnel Under the San Gabriels

California Conspiracies