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LA’s haunted landmarks and their ghost stories, mapped

From the Colorado Street Bridge to the Hollywood Sign.

The story of Smilin’ Jack, LA’s huge pumpkin-shaped oil tank

A Halloween tradition since 1952, the 80,000-barrel storage tank has 18-foot eyes and a 73-foot-long grin.

Meet the ghosts at LA’s most haunted hotels

Just in time to schedule a spooky Halloween staycation, a guide to the paranormally-blessed hotels of Los Angeles.

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The true crime map of Los Angeles

Mapping more than two dozen murders.

Ghost stories from LA’s old Civil War barracks

"It was a very dark, very sad feeling as you walked through... And it was just the kind of a building that was saying, ‘Help me.’"

Haunted Los Feliz

One of LA’s most idyllic neighborhoods is also its most haunted.

Here are the street closures, route for West Hollywood’s Halloween Carnaval

Drivers: Avoid Santa Monica Boulevard if you know what’s good for you.

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19 LA buildings made famous in spooky movies and TV shows

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13 haunted attractions to freak you out this Halloween

We've rounded up some of the best spooky attractions around Los Angeles and mapped out their locations (the ones we know about anyway). Some are ticketed events with high production values and others are completely free.

The 10 Most Candy-Dense Halloween Neighborhoods in LA

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Touring Bela Lugosi's Los Angeles haunts and hangouts

Where the 'Dracula' actor worked, played, lived, and suffered.

Here Are the Top Five LA Neighborhoods For Trick-Or-Treating