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Gold Line Foothill Extension

Big changes are in store for Metro’s Gold Line

Here’s everything you need to know about the train’s future—and how to ride now.

$806M contract will bring the Gold Line to Pomona

Construction costs have forced local leaders to break the project up into two separate segments.

Will Metro’s Gold Line ever reach Montclair?

With construction costs rising, officials are adjusting expectations for the project.

Gold Line light rail extension may not reach Claremont until 2028

It could get new timeline, big cost increase.

Construction begins on Gold Line extension to Montclair

The 12.3-mile addition to the light rail route will add six stations and connect the line to San Bernardino County.

Here’s a video tour of the entire route for Metro’s Gold Line extension to Montclair

Construction begins this weekend on the project, which will bring the light rail route all the way to the Pomona Valley.

Gold Line extension to Montclair could get key cap-and-trade funding

Expected to get underway in October, the project has a $280 million funding gap that could be closed with money set aside for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Metro approves $1.4B construction plan for Gold Line extension to Claremont

Construction will begin in October on the project, which will eventually bring the train to Montclair.

Gold Line expansion to Montclair is delayed at least two years

The project will add six new stations to Metro’s Gold Line, with a trip from Montclair to Downtown LA expected to take about 75 minutes. Stations are planned in Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, Claremont, and Montclair.

Free shuttle will take hikers from the Gold Line to popular Chantry Flats trails

The free weekend shuttle will carry hikers between the Arcadia Gold Line station and the Chantry Flats recreation area, a popular jumping off point for lots of scenic trails with infamously limited parking. Shuttles will run Sept. 22 to Oct. 9.

Metro promises relief for Expo line overcrowding

There aren't enough train cars to hold all of the passengers, so people are crammed. The hold up in getting new cars is with Metro's contractor in Japan. But the transportation agency's CEO says relief is coming "very, very soon."

Gold Line Parking Situation in Azusa is a Big Mess

The Gold Line extension has quickly become quite popular, but that's also meant huge parking problems at its terminus in Azusa. Tickets have been issued, vehicles have been towed, and now the city is considering parking restrictions.

Gold Line Extension is More Popular Than Expected

The new Gold Line Foothill Extension is attracting a lot of riders, including plenty of new public transit users. Even Metro's CEO is surprised at how many people are using the new line--up to 32,000 riders per week.

5 Things to See and Do in Azusa

Exploring the town at the end of the new Gold Line.

Take an Audio Tour of New Gold Line Art

Construction Authority offers a handy guide for appreciating station art.

Gold Line Extension Opens with Free Rides

Station parties planned as service expands to Azusa.

Take a Ride on the New Gold Line Extension Opening March 5

Derelict 1920s Train Depot Set to Become High-End Restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley

Los Angeles's Next Rail Line Opens on March 5, 2016

The Foothill Gold Line Extension is Finished and On Track to Open in 2016

Take a Look at the First Three Gold Line Foothill Stations

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Take a Sped-Up Ride on the Gold Line Extension From Pasadena All the Way to Azusa

See the First Train Move Along the Gold Line Extension's Tracks

See How They Made the Tracks on the Gold Line Extension