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Geoff Palmer

Who is Geoffrey Palmer?

A real estate developer known for building massive, faux-Italian apartments is hosting the president tonight in Beverly Hills.

Downtown Developer Geoff Palmer accused of wrongly keeping tenants’ security deposits

Palmer’s company, G.H. Palmer and Associates, owns thousands of apartments throughout Downtown LA.

City settles suit with developer Geoff Palmer over burned DaVinci complex for $400K

The apartment complex erupted in flames in 2014. The city later accused the developer of not preparing "an appropriate fire protection plan."

Geoff Palmer’s Broadway Palace apartments bring surprisingly cool signs to Broadway

Geoff Palmer’s Broadway Palace apartments—where amenities include a teak wood steam room and indoor basketball and volleyball courts—fit into the Downtown LA historic district.

Fauxtalian apartment developer Geoff Palmer sells home in Beverly Hills

Palmer bought the home in 2015 for $6.9 million and sold it for $8.5 million after making some "exquisite, over-the-top" renovations.

Protestors rally against 'Trump-like' developer

Dozens of supporters of a pro-development affordable housing ballot measure gathered in front of Geoff Palmer's Medici apartments Tuesday morning to appeal to voters and decry the developer's opposition to including affordable units in his buildings.

Trump’s biggest donor is notorious LA developer Geoff Palmer

The Faux-talian fortress developer has donated $2 million to a Super PAC supporting Donald Trump. Palmer is probably LA’s most Trump-like developer. Both men are known for building ostentatious luxury projects.

The Da Vinci Fire Case is Turning Out Very Strange

A pretrial hearing for the man accused of burning down the Fauxtalian fortress was held Tuesday. Witnesses suggested Dawud Abdulwali might have set the fires in anger over police killings. Meanwhile, a questionable cameraman shared his fire video.

LA's Hugest Freeway-Side Fauxtalian Fortress Yet

Downtown's worst developer is back again with 1,500 units and parking for 2,606 cars.

Los Angeles Wants $20 Million From Developer of Burnt Downtown Apartment Building

USC's Insanely Opulent Off-Campus Housing is a Big Money Pit

Downtown LA's Worst Developer is Also Really Obnoxious

Downtown's Awful Fauxtalian Fortress Developer Just Screwing With Us With This One

Downtown's Worst Developer is Working on His Biggest Fauxtalian Fortress Yet

Renderings Show Developer Geoff Palmer is Building His Least Offensive Fortress Ever

Geoff Palmer's Burned Da Vinci Apartments Will be Back in Under a Year

DTLA's Worst Developer Starts Work on Big Broadway Complex

Downtown LA's New Mixed-Users Are Full of Empty Storefronts

Geoff Palmer Wants to Put a Skybridge Above One of Downtown's Most Bustling Areas

LA Councilmember Wants to Replace the Burned Da Vinci Apartments With a Parking Lot

Here's a List of Promises Broken By LA's Biggest Developers

Last Week's Colossal Downtown Fire Was Set on Purpose

9 Weird Facts About Fighting Downtown's Massive Da Vinci Fire

Downtown's Giant Da Vinci Building Burned Because It Was Bad

The Past and Future of Downtown's Burnt Da Vinci Apartments

Terrible Fauxtalian Fortress Lost in Spectacular Downtown Fire