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Frank Sinatra

Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, and David Niven Have All Lived in This Holmby Hills Mansion

What's Up With the Gorgeous House Where Rihanna Tortures a Dude in "BBHMM"?

Be the Third-Ever Owner of Frank Sinatra's Elaborate Rat Pack Retreat in Palm Desert

Mad Men's Most Fabulous House Ever is For Sale For $7.5MM

Frank Sinatra's "Girl Friday" Lived Here and Now You Can Too

Rent in Hollywood's Legendary Villa Elaine Complex For $1,550

Walt Disney's Super-Secluded Desert Party House Asks $595k

Paramount CEO Brad Grey Selling in Bel Air, Building in Holmby

Frank Sinatra's Huge Villa Maggio Desert Spread Asking $4MM

Mid-Century Frank Sinatra/Marilyn Monroe Compound Sells

Touring (and Partying at) Frank Sinatra's Famous Twin Palms

Brad Grey Razed Frank Sinatra's Holmby Hills House and is Still Asking $20 Million For the Land

WeHo Compound Where Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe Once Lived