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Express Lanes

New 110 Ramp Would Dump Cars On Bike-Friendly Zone

A proposed 110 flyover offramp would have cars driving right into the thick of the people-friendly Figueroa Street makeover.

110 Freeway's Wildly Popular Toll Lanes Going Carpool-Only During Morning Rush

Downtown LA Could Get an 84-Station Bike Share System

Toll Lanes Becoming Permanent on the 110, 10, and Maybe 405

New Toll Lanes on 10 and 110 Pushing People Onto Transit

Toll Lanes on 110 and 10 Seem to Be Working Pretty Well

You Could Get the Chance to Pay to Drive on the 405!

Metro Drops Monthly Toll Lane Transponder Fee on 110 and 10

110's New Toll Lanes Speedier But Regular Lanes Are Slower

The Commute

ExpressLanes Tackle First Rush Hour

Everything You Need to Know About New Toll Lanes on the 10

12,297 Tickets Already For Improper Use of the 110 Toll Lanes