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Ellis Act

1,659 rent-controlled apartments were under threat in 2019

"The numbers are astonishing, but they still don’t give the full picture," says a tenant advocate.

When this Echo Park bungalow court vanishes, so does the $878 rent

Should the city intervene?

Hollywood hotel designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard to open in December

Formerly a rent-controlled apartment building, it’s reopening as a boutique hotel.

TICs are changing LA’s housing market—for better, and worse

There’s a new, more affordable way of buying property in Los Angeles.

657 rent-controlled apartments stripped from LA’s rental market in three months

That’s seven units lost per day.

Activists target Wurstküche after restaurant owner issues eviction notice to family

The tenants union wants to change the owner’s plans to evict tenants of a residence that sits directly behind his Venice eatery.

Renters win fight against condo conversion in Hancock Park

With the units expected to sell for more than $1 million each, residents said they would have had no choice but to move out.

LA is mulling new rules to prevent the demolition of rent-controlled apartments

Proposed policies would penalize landlords for misleading the city about redevelopment plans. Tenant activists say stricter measures are needed.

LA looking to prevent demolition of buildings where Ellis Act violations are alleged

The move is prompted by an incident earlier this year, when an Ellis-emptied apartment building was demolished, even though it was being investigated for renting out units on Airbnb.

LA is making it harder for landlords to take rent-controlled units off the market

After almost 1,400 rent-controlled units were removed from the market last year, city officials want to make it harder for landlords to mass-evict tenants.

City is considering tougher rules regulating rent control evictions

Officials want to rein in evictions under California’s Ellis Act—and find better ways to penalize landlords for violations.

The number of Ellis Act evictions in LA rose again in 2016

Last year, 1,372 rent-controlled units were removed under the Ellis Act, according to the Coalition for Economic Survival. That’s an increase of nearly 27 increase from 2015.

Hollywood apartments razed in midst of investigation into Ellis Act violations

The building’s owners were under investigation for renting units short-term after evicting tenants when workers began tearing the structure down. Later, city staff revoked—then reissued—the demolition permits.

City moves to block evictions of seniors in Westwood

The LA City Council has instructed staff to investigate the evictions in case they can be hit with a legal challenge. The building’s new owners have told residents to vacate so they can get to work on a major renovation.

Hundreds of residents face eviction from Westwood senior living home

The building’s new owner is asking residents to vacate as it prepares to give the property a major overhaul. City Councilmember Paul Koretz says he’s "outraged and disgusted" by the situation.

One of the best rental deals in LA quietly slips away

A unit in this beachfront Santa Monica apartment complex last rented for an astonishing $550 per month. Now a new owner will return the vacant buildings to the rental market, probably at a price many times higher.

There's a handy new guide on Los Angeles renters' rights

Mayor Eric Garcetti launches a campaign to target the city's "most vulnerable" renters. A new guidebook, plus ads and flyers, will teach tenants living in rent-controlled units about everything from rent hikes to evictions.

LA landlords face criminal charges after booting tenants

They're accused of evicting tenants, then quickly turning around and renting the units on Airbnb. "In a city with a profound shortage of affordable housing, unlawfully converting rental units to operate hotels has got to stop," prosecutor says.

LA Housing Dept. Wants to Clamp Down on Mass Evictions

Many Los Angeles tenants are at risk lately thanks to rising Ellis Act evictions, which allow landlords to kick out all of their tenants under certain conditions. LA's housing department wants to make sure the law isn't being abused.

Rent-Control Evictions Have Doubled Since 2013

A new LA Times report shows that more than 1,000 rent-controlled units were taken off the market in 2015, and 20,000 have left since 2001. Meanwhile, landlords may be using threats of eviction to buyout tenants.

Map: Where Mass Evictions Are Ramping Up in LA

The Ellis Act allows property owners to evict all of their rent-controlled tenants and it's become an engine of gentrification. Its use has been on the rise again in LA; this map helps shed light on which neighborhoods are targeted for redevelopment.

Los Angeles Has Mapped Every Building's Rent Control Status

Rent-Controlled Tenants Were Evicted, Then Found Their Apartments on Airbnb

Inside the Nasty Showdown Last Night at Hollywood's Historic Villa Carlotta