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Housing, homelessness, and cars: Los Angeles City Council candidates weigh in

Here’s how candidates competing in today’s primary election plan to fix some of the biggest issues facing Los Angeles.

California’s next governor plans unprecedented housing boom

3.5 million new homes by 2025—is that even possible?

California, Los Angeles election results

Totals for the most competitive races and highest-stakes propositions.

Proposition 5: Voters won’t expand property tax savings for older homeowners

The measure would have allowed some homeowners to take low property taxes with them when moving.

Measure W, LA’s tax for stormwater recycling, winning by slim margin

Supporters say the tax revenue is needed to clean up polluted water.

Proposition 10, California’s proposal to strengthen rent control, defeated at the polls

It’s a blow to tenant activists in Los Angeles, and a win for landlords.

Proposition 6: Voters reject gas tax repeal

Repealing the tax would have threatened key transit projects, including train service to LAX.

Metro giving free rides on election day

Other agencies are also offering free trips Tuesday.

2018 Los Angeles voter guide

Today is Election Day—here are explainers on key ballot measures, plus everything you need to know about voting, including how to find your polling place.

Voting in Los Angeles: Where to go, what to bring, and more

Everything you need to know about voting in LA, including rules around parking near polling places.

Proposition 10 leaders say text message campaign was sabotaged

"No California ballot propositions have had the level of antagonism we’ve seen for [Proposition 10]."

Santa Monica ballot measure would require ‘supermajority’ vote for taller, denser buildings

Another election, another development battle.

Meet the candidates running for Santa Monica City Council

How do they plan to make the pricey city more affordable, and how will they make it easier to navigate congested streets?

Proposition 6: California’s gas tax repeal, explained

Who’s behind it, who’s against it, and what it will mean for Los Angeles.

Proposition 5: California’s property tax measure, explained

Who’s behind it, who’s against it, and what it will mean for Los Angeles.

Proposition 1: California’s proposal for affordable and veterans housing, explained

Who’s behind it, who’s against it, and why it’s on the ballot.

Measure W: LA’s parcel tax for stormwater recycling, explained

What would it do, and why is it on the ballot?

Proposition 10: California’s rent control ballot measure, explained

Who’s behind it, who’s against it, and what it will mean for Los Angeles.

Meet the candidates running for mayor of Inglewood

James Butts is up for reelection in November—we interviewed him and the candidates vying to unseat him.

Here’s how much LA homeowners are benefitting from Prop. 13

Longtime homeowners save the most.

Landlords are threatening rent hikes if Proposition 10 passes, activists say

The ballot measure would roll back state regulations on rent control.

Ethics commission delays vote on banning developer contributions to LA politicians

Commissioners said forcing elected officials to recuse themselves from voting on development proposals might be more effective.

Proposal to divide California into three states won’t appear on November ballot after all

It could still be decided in a future election.

Activists pushing forward with plan to convert Parker Center into homeless housing

The city plans to begin demolishing the building later this year.

Rent control measures fall short in Inglewood, Long Beach, and Pasadena

Voters won’t decide on rental regulations this November.

California residents will get to vote on stronger rent control laws in November

Cities such as Los Angeles could pass stricter renter protections if the Costa Hawkins measure passes.

Voters will decide whether to break California into three states in November

If ballot measure passes, LA would be part of a much smaller California.

Coalition to Preserve LA launches ballot initiative to preserve, rename Parker Center

The group wants to refurbish the former LAPD headquarters as homeless housing.

Rent control ballot measure moving forward, with Mayor Garcetti’s support

It might be up to voters to expand rent control options for California cities.

Long Beach coalition kicks off campaign for citywide rent control

A ballot measure could bring rent control to LA County’s second-largest city.

FPPC: Huntley Hotel made illegal campaign donations to block rival’s expansion

The Huntley Hotel could be hit with a $310,000 fine for disguising nearly $100,000 in donations aimed at preventing new development at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel across the street.

Early results show Skid Row won’t get its own neighborhood council

It was a close election that highlighted two very different ideas for the future of the neighborhood.

Updated: LA county voters approve Measure H—here’s how higher taxes will help the homeless

Voters agreed to another tax increase to help the homeless. Here’s how the county plans to spend that revenue.

Redondo Beach voters approve ballot measure limiting waterfront development

The slow-growth initiative could kill a $300 million plan to revitalize the city’s harbor.

In defeating Measure S, did LA vote to go vertical?

After the passage of Measure M and trouncing of Measure S, it's clear Angelenos want a more sustainable future.

Here’s where support for Measure H was weakest

A new map created by the Los Angeles Times shows residents in the city of Los Angeles mostly supported the measure to combat homelessness countywide. But there was some opposition on the Westside.

A decisive defeat for Measure S: LA voters reject anti-development measure

The initiative would have curtailed construction citywide

Will Measure S stop rent-control evictions?

Backers of the controversial ballot initiative have suggested it will prevent developers from mass-evicting tenants, but a recent LA Times analysis suggests it would do little to further that goal.

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It's Election Day in Los Angeles

Voters in Los Angeles County head to the polls today. Here's all of our coverage of Measures S and H, two ballot measures dealing with real estate development and housing for the homeless.