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LA is no longer in a drought

Even Southern California’s deserts are getting lots of rain.

Another hot and dry winter for LA?

There’s a 76 percent chance that temperatures near Downtown LA will be near or above average this winter.

DWP will stop topping off Silver Lake Reservoir with drinking water

Continuing to fill the man-made lake with drinking water would be a waste of an increasingly precious resource.

Can one monster storm save California from drought?

Up to seven feet of snow is forecasted for the Sierra Nevada. Will it be enough?

Santa Monica imposing strict water requirements on new developments

The new rules will force builders of both residential and commercial projects to stick to historic water usage levels or pay for water-saving devices.

The thirstiest town in the West

Borrego Springs—a tiny community in the middle of the Anza-Borrego Desert—was once a natural oasis poised to become California’s next great resort destination. But today the water is running out and the town has become parched and bitter.

LA asks state for more recycled water money

Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Controller Ron Galperin wrote a letter to the state Friday asking for more than the $15 million grants currently being offered to fund recycled water projects. LA is seeking to source half its water locally by 2035.

How thousands of LA lawns became gravel dead zones

A water-saving rebate program instituted by the Metropolitan Water District was supposed to be a key to making LA more drought friendly, but as Bloomberg reports, it also allowed one company to replace grass with poorly executed gravel lawns.

Mount Wilson Observatory has run out of water

Three wells at Mount Wilson Observatory are completely tapped, and officials at the observatory have been forced to close restrooms and turn off water fountains normally used by visitors and hikers.

Californians quietly not saving much water anymore

Since state officials eased water saving requirements earlier this year, Californians have been saving less and less water. In August, savings totals were far below the number from the previous year, while LADWP customers saved even less.

Water will start flowing into the Silver Lake Reservoir soon

At a packed community meeting Tuesday night, city officials reassured concerned residents of Silver Lake that water will be flowing into the dry reservoir by May 1. But it will be a year or more before the lake is full.

One LA property owner is using enough water to supply 90 families—who could it be?

Last year, Reveal found that the state's biggest known individual water user lived in the Bel Air area. LADWP, however, isn't naming any names, so the investigative journalism site did some more digging and came up with a list of suspects.

WeHo public art shows how much water foods consume

A drought-themed art exhibition in West Hollywood's Plummer Park includes a work that illustrates just how much water it takes to produce some of the state's most popular foods. The installations will be on display through the end of the year.

Drought-tolerant lawns could change LA’s climate

A new study released by researchers at USC models how LA's climate would be impacted if most residents made their lawns a little more drought-friendly. Surprisingly, the effects would be significant, with hotter days and cooler nights.

How a Beverly Hills couple built a water empire

Lynda and Stewart Resnick use more water than anyone else in California—including the city of LA. Their agricultural brands include Wonderful pistachios, Halo clementines, and Pom Wonderful. And so far, the drought has barely affected their business.

Researchers say there’s plenty of water underneath California

A new study from Stanford researchers shows that California has much more groundwater to draw on than previously thought. Unfortunately, accessing it could cause the land above to sink—and it probably won't be ready to drink right away.

SoCal probably has at least 3 years of water left

The region's top water wholesaler says it has enough supply to provide water to all 26 agencies it sells to, DWP included, over the next three years. But, sorry, that's not an excuse to break out the Slip’N Slides and shower three times a day

Meteorologists are ‘sticking a fork’ in El Niño

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is finally ready to call it quits on this year's dud of an El Niño. Rainfall totals show that Los Angeles received well under half of the rain it usually gets in winter months.

Does LA have enough water for the next 25 years?

DWP approves a plan to keep water flowing to the city for the next quarter-century, even amid a continued drought and population boom. A key component is to stop depending on imported water by improving local collection and treatment of groundwater.

Required Water Cutbacks Also Saved a Lot of Electricity

The state's mandatory water cutbacks have loosened in some areas, but while they were in place, they helped that state save more than just water.

5 Things LA Could Use to Refill the Silver Lake Reservoir

State officials aren't going to give up 400 million gallons of drinking water for a decommissioned reservoir, so Silver Lakers are looking for other options to refill their beloved water feature. Here we present some non-liquid alternatives.

There's No Water to Refill the Silver Lake Reservoir

The Silver Lake Reservoir was emptied nearly a year ago for construction on its replacement. But that plan was formulated a decade ago, before drought gripped California, and now the LADWP doesn't know where it'll get water to refill the reservoir.

California Should Not Act Like the Drought Is Over

Even though NorCal got a nice soaking from El Niño, about 90 percent of the state is still firmly mired in drought. For that reason, Governor Jerry Brown says we should still be cutting back on water and wants to make some restrictions permanent.

Drought is Over! Say Some Cali Water Officials

SoCal is clamping down for a hot, dry summer, but some water officials feel that this past winter sufficiently supplied the entire state with snow and water and that it's time to chill out on the water-saving.

LA County Getting Its Future Water Situation in Order

As SoCal braces for what's looking like another drought year, the LA County Board of Supes is planning ahead accordingly. A proposed new ordinance would require new developments be more drought-friendly; another would help with stormwater capture.

SoCal Is Sabotaging State Water Conservation Goals

California has fallen short of it 25 percent conservation goal, and South Coast water districts have not been helping. In February, the region conserved less water than any other part of California, which seems like a trend.

El Niño Winter's Underwhelming Rain Totals Are In

Greater LA has seen about 58.7 percent of the rainfall it gets in a normal year, partly because LA sits in "sort of a bullseye of dryness," according to one scientist. While El Niño did show up, it just skipped Southern California.

Will LA Get Any of That Sweet NorCal Rainwater?

In Northern California, winter precipitation is steadily building up snowpack and refueling reservoirs. Now there's more water going into the state water distribution system and a lot more headed down south, but much of it is going to farmers.

Here's How Bad the SoCal Drought Still Is

A hydrologist with the NOAA's California Nevada River Forecast Center tells KPCC that while the northern part of the state has enjoyed some above average precipitation, "drought conditions in the southern region remain 'every bit as severe as they have been.'"

Big LA Water Wasters Could Be Fined $40k a Month

The new fines are aimed at big-time, deep-pocketed users.

The Rich and Famous Water Wasters of Beverly Hills

The city is still not meeting mandatory water cutback goals, and now it's scolding and fining some bold-faced names.

LA Shot Clouds With Iodide Particles to Make it Rain

El Niño needed a little help making it rain.

El Niño Gearing Up For 'Second Peak' in Southern California

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