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Candy Spelling

Three of the Most Important Women of the 1980s All Live in This One Century City Building

The Long Battle Between Two of LA's Craziest Megamansions

Can Petra Stunt Get $150 Million For the Infamous Manor?

First Look Inside Candy Spelling's $35-Million Penthouse (With Pool) at The Century

Candy Spelling Won't Be Evicted From $28k Carlyle Condo


Candy Spelling Suing Over Delayed Amenities in Building She Doesn't Live In Yet

Landlord Trying to Evict Candy Spelling From The Carlyle

See Brit Heiress's Makeover of the Spellings' Old Megamansion

9 Facts, Figures, and Ridiculous Tales From LA's Condo Market

How a Russian Billionaire Helped a British Heiress Buy The Manor For $85 Million

How Candy Spelling Moved Out of a 56,500 Square Foot House

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Map: the 11 Biggest Los Angeles County House Sales of 2011