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Meet the LA architect who designed the Grasshopper lamp

For forward-thinking Angelenos in the 1940s and ’50s, Greta Magnusson Grossman’s modern design ethos was gospel.


Train lines and kit houses made Jefferson Park the textbook streetcar suburb.

How LA neighborhoods got their names

From Frogtown to Palms, the origin stories of nearly two dozen Los Angeles cities and neighborhoods.

Cranes proliferated in LA. But don’t call it a building boom.

"What we consider to be a boom today is because we got used to nothing."

The curse of Santa Monica’s Mooney Mansion

The mansion—built by one of a handful of women landowners in early Los Angeles—mysteriously burned to the ground on New Year’s Day.

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Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles

The writer had a dark view of LA but was undoubtedly seduced and enthralled with the City of Angels.

The real-life tower that made ‘Die Hard’

Nakatomi Tower is really Fox Plaza in Century City, an example of 1980s power architecture at its finest.

The spectacle of Altadena’s Christmas Tree Lane

It’s the world’s"‘oldest large-scale outdoor Christmas display."

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These old photos show the evolution of transportation in LA

The city was once a public transportation wonderland.

When department stores decked the halls

Before next-day shipping, the department store reigned supreme at Christmastime in Los Angeles.