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Bianca has been at Curbed for since 2014. She writes about development, the Los Angeles River, and preservation.

Can’t make rent? Here’s what to do.

First, let your landlord know.

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16 developments sprouting along the Crenshaw Line, mapped

Development is simmering along the rail line.

Can your landlord raise your rent right now?

If you live in a rent-controlled apartment, the answer is no.

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Mapping the 1992 LA Uprising

A map guide the major events and places that shaped one of the biggest episodes of civil unrest in U.S. history 27 years ago.

The renter’s guide to the coronavirus pandemic

Can I move into a new apartment? What should I do if I can’t pay my rent? Should I still ride the elevator?

City leaders say they can’t stop all LA landlords from raising your rent

The Los Angeles City Council rejects a proposal to freeze rents at all buildings.

How to prepare for LA’s next big earthquake

Assembling an earthquake kit is just the first step.

You can live-stream poppy fields at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Even from afar the colors are vibrant.

Terrific ‘Triangle House’ in Tarzana seeks $3.9M

Built in 1960, but adapted well to modern times.

LACMA is being torn down right now

Demolition of the original modernist complex is clearing the way for a flashy new building.