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Adrian Glick-Kudler is the former editor of Curbed LA and West Coast Features Editor.

Watch the story of the magical chandelier tree of Silver Lake

It's truly charming, the neighbors enjoy it, and it isn't forced—could anyone but an arty contractor and his aerialist roommate have come up with the idea and put it together?

Why does LA have a mall based on the Babylon set from a 1916 epic?

Science fiction author Ray Bradbury says it was his idea.

Take a look at the Valley when it was still ranches and farmland

Before it was home to swimming pools and shopping centers, the Valley was largely an agricultural region—with horses, jackrabbits, and giant pumpkins.

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26 places to visit in LA this summer

We've mapped more than two dozen places around Los Angeles to explore this summer.

Beautiful Joshua Tree home looks like a supervillain’s lair

Designed by super-organic architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg in 1988, the concrete, steel, glass, and copper house is placed perfectly among big boulders.

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The Hollywood Sign: A solution to the crisis

The landmark’s neighbors are typical of the powerful movement to privatize public space in LA—can they be stopped?

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Airbnb in Los Angeles: What should the rules be?

Los Angeles is considering rules to limit the types of places that can be rented out on Airbnb and for how long. A city planner says it has, "elicited the greatest intensity of public response of any city land use issue we’ve had in recent years."

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19 LA buildings made famous in spooky movies and TV shows

Los Angeles is killing us

LA's two most legendary cemeteries are Forest Lawn Memorial Park, developed by a charismatic man nicknamed The Builder, and Hollywood Forever, run for decades by an ex-con who led it into ruin. Can they help us find the secrets of mortality?

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Santa Ana winds: What causes them and how they affect us

The Santa Ana winds and their supposedly sinister effects loom large in the Los Angeles imagination. But how much do the winds really change us? And how much are we changing them?